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STAKAN ideaFisher S55 Поясная сумка с держателем удилища

ideaFisher Stakan S55 Waist bag holder with a fishing rod. With the help of a special tube-holder you can securely lock the rod on your thigh and your hands free for lifting the trophy, changing lures, ne...

Price €22.49
    STAKAN ideaFisher 1 Пояс -держатель удилища! Свободные руки!

    ideaFisher IdeaFisher Stakan 1 convenient universal holder for fishing rods. With the help of a special tube-holder can securely lock the rod on your thigh and your hands free for lifting the trophy, shifts...

    Price €9.28
      SixStories ideaFisher 2013 Рыболовное полотенце с чехлом

      Sixstories 2013 Fishing towel with case. Attached to the waist belt. Ideas of this product, in our ongoing competition “Samodelkin” , said famous blogger Sixstories fishing Fishing...

      Price €3.51
        Бандана Aiko Песочная, р-р ALL, цвет Песочный

        Bandana Jackson Sand, R-R ALL, color Sand

        Price €4.43
          SiliconoТека ideaFisher органайзер для хранения силиконовых приманок

          SiliconoТека organizer storage silicon lures. Handbag with sealed files-envelopes-pockets eyelets for storage silicon lures.

          Price €9.14
            Наколенники ПРОФЕССИОНАЛ ideaFisher для зимней рыбалки

            NEW! The new version of the knee pads for winter fishing "the professional"! Made a special Pocket (220 x 260), in which you can insert the liner (150 x 250 x 11) or extra foam! For those who have...

            Price €11.25

              Kruchkova - devices for fast and secure tying hooks, carabiners, vertluzhnoj, to the line.

              Price €1.55
              • Color Red
              Бандана Aiko Красная, р-р ALL, цвет Красный

              Bandana Red Aiko, R-R ALL, color Red

              Price €4.43
                Муфта ideaFisher

                Clutch ideaFisher for winter fishing on the batting.

                Price €10.68
                  Палка – отрывалка, поводочница, герметичный органайзер

                  Stick – trivale, for snoods, airtight organizer for storage of different things, a New version of sticks – otryvki!

                  Price €1.41
                  • Color Red
                  Пластиковый кейс для хранения приманок, цвет черный

                  Plastic case for storage of lures with adjustable width pockets.

                  Price €3.58
                  • Color Black
                  Stakan, ZERO, правша олива

                  Stakan ZERO can be hung on any waist belt up to a width of 90 mm. module Options right-handed/left-handed! 

                  Price €4.22
                  • Color OLIVA
                  Фартук-штаны ideaFisher для рыбалки

                  APRON-PANTS Special anatomical design won't restrict movement. Apron folds into neat carry case which serves both as a pocket on the apron! Pocket and 2 half for mounting

                  Price €7.52
                    STAKAN ideaFisher 7 Пояс -держатель удилища! Свободные руки + куча карманов!

                    ideaFisher Stakan 7 convenient universal belt holder for spinning. With the help of a special tube-holder can securely lock the rod on your thigh and your hands free for lifting the trophy, change the bait, a smoke break or just enjoy the cu...

                    Price €15.46
                      Петлевязка -экстрактор ideaFisher L диаметр 6 мм

                      Perevozka -extractor L ?6 mm Pelepas is a device for fast and comfortable crocheting the loops in the fishing tackle. All loops associated pelepasan, turn a diameter, knot enough...

                      Price €0.84
                        STAKAN ideaFisher КОРОБАСС

                        The main "trick" Stakan karabass - pocket — folding table with foam inside that can be used in three modifications: 1) Foam with spring (set of 5 packs for silicone baits) 2) we can...

                        Price €30.93
                        • Size 27.5 cm (l) x 20cm (W) x...
                        Держатель ideaFisher для силикона и бойлов 20 шт х 16 мм

                        Holder for silicone 20 PCs x 16 mm Holder for silicone lures. Form "tree" allows you to securely lock the nozzle, while avoiding its falling on the cast and bite.

                        Price €0.7
                          Рюкзак ideaFisher EDC ВЕЗДЕХОД ОЛИВА

                          Backpack EDC ATV OLIVA Multifunctional convertible bag – backpack with multiple wearing options. Can be worn as a regular backpack, as a sling backpack that can be transformed to a regular bag bars...

                          Price €22.49
                          • Color OLIVA
                          Крючки VMC 7316 BN (10шт) № 2/0

                          Hooks VMC 7316 BN (10pcs) No. 2/0

                          Price €2.46
                            STAKAN ideaFisher 100 лайтовик ОЛИВА шейно-поясная сумка + держатель удилища

                            Stakan 100 litavic OLIVA neck-waist bag + holder rod "Chip" GLASS 100 litavic that she's from the waist bag easily transforms into a regular handbag on the neck strap.

                            Price €23.2
                            • Color OLIVA
                            Stakan, ZERO, правша черный

                            Stakan ZERO can be hung on any waist belt up to a width of 90 mm. module Options right-handed/left-handed! 

                            Price €4.22
                            • Color Black
                            УЛОВИСТЫЙ ПАЛЕЦ 2

                            CATCHABILITY FINGER 2 Napoleonic for long distance power casting GENUINE LEATHER!!!

                            Price €2.25
                            • Color Black
                            Чехол для удилищ СУНУЛ - ВЫНУЛ 125 см

                            The case contains a special strap for attaching to the handles of the car that can be used for storage of the rod.

                            Price €4.92
                            • Color OLIVA
                            Крючки офсетные VMC 7310 BN № 1/0

                            High quality offset worm hooks from French company VMC, one of the true leaders in the manufacture of hooks.

                            Price €2.47
                              Крючки VMC 7316 BN (10шт) № 4/0

                              Hooks VMC 7316 BN (10pcs) No. 4/0

                              Price €2.91
                                Мелочайзер Органайзер для рыболовных мелочей

                                Somehow between the case made organizer for fishing small things, using the idea of female beauticians. You can store hooks, sinkers, feeders, fishing line. Of course it is suitable not only for fishing. It will be useful and in the economy. The organizer has...

                                Price €6.19
                                • Color Black
                                Stakan-8 ideaFisher Олива

                                Suitable for righties and lefties. You can use any convenient glass under the rod, and in the 2nd glass insert, and pliers (for the insurance), and forceps, and minipods

                                Price €24.6
                                • Color OLIVA
                                Stakan, Бумеранг, со съёмным держателем удилища

                                Stakan boomerang - versatile messenger bag with removable rod holder. Stakan boomerang: IT's HANDS FREE! The first "trick" Stakan boomerang - plug-in module holder rods, which can be used to securely lock the rod at the waist and...

                                Price €22.49
                                • Color OLIVA
                                FishCase ZIP – органайзер рыболова

                                FishCase ZIP allows you to have at your fingertips all the essential lure in any time fishing:

                                Price €12.23
                                • Color Black
                                Крючки VMC 7316 BN (10шт) № 5/0

                                Hooks VMC 7316 BN (10pcs) № 5/0

                                Price €3.35
                                  Прищепка - подставка-держатель для зимней удочки (уп.5 шт)

                                  Clothespin holder winter fishing. It is convenient to fix the rod close to the hole.

                                  Price €1.83
                                  • Color Red , Blue , Yellow...
                                  baitHouse ideaFisher 1.1 Органайзер для приманок

                                  Organizer for lures baitHouse 1.0 ideaFisher - This device is intended for carrying and storing jig heads, spinners, crankbaits, jigs.

                                  Price €9.14
                                    Жесткий чехол - тубус для удилища "Гильза" 11/132 см

                                    Hard case - the tube for the rod "Sleeve" 11/132 cm

                                    Price €14.04

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