3.3 ideaFisher Stakan holder fishing rod + fishing bag the spinner (4627078260486) buy cheap online shop!

Model: Stakan 3.3
Code: 2003-3702
Stakan 3.3 ideaFisher держатель удилища + рыболовная сумка спиннингиста
Stakan 3.3 ideaFisher держатель удилища + рыболовная сумка спиннингиста
Stakan 3.3 ideaFisher держатель удилища + рыболовная сумка спиннингиста

Fishing bag Stakan 3.3: THIS is HANDS-FREE!

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Main characteristics
Stakan 3.3

With the help of a special tube-holder can securely lock the rod on the belt and free your hands for lifting the trophy, change the bait, a smoke break or just enjoy the beauty around you! Hands-free allows you to QUICKLY change the bait!

With Stakan 3.3 more TIME for fishing!


Spinning is no longer necessary to put on the ground or clamped between the legs!

Pricey favorite spinning no one will come, and from the coil will have to shake out the dirt, sand and debris!

3.3 Stakan with YOUR fishing gear safe!


Roomy waist fishing bag allows you to have everything you need in any time fishing:

  • A hard moulded Table with soft foam for spinners, jerks, wobblers, etc. it can stick the most successful bait, and they will always be at hand. In this pocket-"table" (size В210 x Ш270 x Г45) as calmly fits box size 250 x 190 x 20
  • On the opposite table wall plastic pocket which protects the bait placed in the "table" from hooks! The pocket is useful for storing leashes, scissors, etc.
  • Handle loop for carrying bag short-circuited!
  • Roomy waist fishing bag allows you to have everything you need in any moment of fishing: large pocket (size H220 x Ш290 x G100), which with a large margin fit two boxes х190 250 x 40
  • Side pocket a free appointment in size В155 x Ш115 x Г45 (for rubber, "cheburashek", for water bottle, etc.)
  • Belt sewn rings and slings (the principle MOLLE) that can be used for fixing of insurance tools
  • The neck-shoulder strap with a special double sided pad distributes the weight of the filled bags on the shoulders and belt
  • On the inner side of the belt three-layer mesh: its use is important in warm and hot weather, as the mesh is lightweight and breathable material that is able to give comfort and a feeling of lightness
  • At the tube-Cup wide opening that is suitable for any type of fishing rod!
  • The bag has a device for mounting fishing pliers, forceps or pliers.
  • Essential fishing device for those who fish at night!!!
  • Long straps allow you to use for winter fishing.

PIPE! Maintains the range from +40 to -40 degrees. You can use this product all year round!


Material: OXFORD 600PU RIP STOP (made in Korea !)

Oxford fabric with the application of a polyurethane coating (PU) on the inside to ensure water resistance and waterproof properties. The type of fabric rip-stop (from the English. ripstop: rip — to tear, stop — termination) with a special reinforcing structure is woven. In the structure of the tissue crosswise introduces equally spaced from each other by the thread of amplification. Minor cuts and holes are not free to disagree on this fabric.

Bag is not equipped with pliers, forceps and boxes.

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Any discrepancy of the information about the goods on the site with the fact is just an unfortunate misunderstanding.

For exact information on the product, please contact the manufacturer.

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