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Want, despite the bright sun, to notice every attack on your bait? Want to keep eye health and to feel comfortable?

Then You just need to buy polarized glasses!

Unlike ordinary sunglasses, these fishing sunglasses have several important qualities:

  • Polarized lenses block reflected from the water surface sunlight (glare), providing the ultimate comfort and clear vision.
  • Panoramic eye protection due to special shape of the lenses protects the eyes from all sides.
  • Ease. Fishing glasses are used lightweight materials that reduce the weight of glasses.

Glasses company Aiko made of modern materials TAC, more lightweight and durable than traditional polycarbonate, provide clear image, protection from ultraviolet radiation, glare and correct perception. Using polarized glasses You can see what is happening under the water as the polarized lenses will cut the refraction and reflection of sunlight.

Glasses clip C1 is designed for wearer of corrective glasses. Overlay with convenient and reliable clips are mounted on a baseball cap, protecting Your eyes from UV rays and prevent eye fatigue throughout the day.

In glasses-clips C1 use modern polarized amber lenses that provide a clear image and correct perception. Lenses block reflected from the water surface sun glare, providing maximum comfort and clear vision.

Glasses clip S1 will allow You to be much better to consider what is under the water as the polarized lenses will cut the refraction and reflection of sunlight. This will greatly simplify fish fish and will save You a lot of lures.

The set of points included microfiber cloth to care, as well as soft case and hard case with carabiner for comfortable storage and transportation of glasses.

Stylish sunglasses-S1 clips will make Your fishing trip a truly comfortable at any time of the year.

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