Charola ideaFisher for bait (CBR-10999)

Model: Charola
Code: 2003-3701
ШаролЁп ideaFisher  для прикормки

Sarala  40mm

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Main characteristics

Samolepky allows you to form a ball of bait of the same diameter. Identical in size and weight, balls of bait, you can throw a slingshot or catapult, with high precision and at long distances.

You need to fill large Cup with bait samolepky to edge. To the inner layer of the ball for bait to get the same dense, as well as outside, have a Central part to further push the thumb and add more bait to be flush with the edge.

Then insert small Cup and hard to squeeze.

Click on the large Cup samolepky to push out a small Cup with a ball of bait. Click on the small Cup and ball mixture ready for casting!

Ball diameter - 40mm! This is the most versatile option for fishing. Approved for use on a fishing competition!

Used for starting sukarma and supplementation in the process of fishing. Great mosque slingshots with large cups, and powerful shock absorbers. Ideal for the aerodynamics of the round shape and the same weight of balls, can very quickly deliver the bait a long distance with high accuracy.

Slot in a large bowl samolepky allows you to use it to wrap the bait around the hook with handle.

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