The company guarantees the goods for AIKO AIKO

We are glad that You chose the products of our brand. Are sure that You will not be disappointed in your choice. AIKO the company strictly monitors the quality of its products. We, as the official online store of AIKO performed all of the rules of return and exchange of products.

AIKO the company provides warranty for 1 year on all their rods. If You make a purchase of a fishing-rod AIKO in our store, You get extra 2 year warranty.

Please read the following rulesto properly and without problems to solve the issue under warranty if it occurs.

We remind you that modern fishing rods require careful attitude and respect for the rules of operation, namely:

  • to avoid blows with the rod blank or rings of solid objects
  • not to throw the rod on the ground and any hard surface
  • in difficult conditions (branches) to monitor carefully, avoiding snags and bumps on them
  • carefully check the reliability of the butt joint
  • to check before casting to ensure that it does not overlap the line
  • do not exceed specified by the Manufacturer of the test on the bait and fishing line
  • to prevent the playing of the acute angle between the cutting line and form
  • not to lift the booty in the air on the form and the use of special. devices (hard slipgrip)
  • at a hook of the lure to pull the rod
  • to store and transport the rod in a special bag or tube
  • do not use the rod in a thunderstorm


If during the warranty use You have identified is a defect and You believe he is associated with the warranty service, write an e-mail the address on the form:

  1. The customer's contact details (name and phone)
  2. Full product name
  3. The exact place of purchase of the product
  4. A scan of the check (for customers AikoStore enough the order number)
  5. Date of purchase of the product
  6. The nature of marriage
  7. Brief description of the history of failure
  8. High-quality photos, including:
    1. General view of spinning from both sides.
    2. Photo name of the model.
    3. Macrophoto of failure on all sides with reference to the place of marriage (if marriage places some – this requirement is valid for each of them).
    4. Photo of a breakdown in cross-section (demonstration seat scrapping across the blank).

The worse the quality of the photo, the more likely the need for expertise. Please send quality photos to save Your and our time.

The manufacturer will review Your appeal and give an opinion on it within 5 working days, in the presence of a fully completed appeal form. In case of disputes, the manufacturer may use the services of an independent examination, if the fact of marriage and its origin is uncertain. In case of the conclusion about the absence of marriage – payment of costs for the examination rests on the shoulders of the Buyer.

In accordance with paragraph 7 of article 18 of the RF Law “On protection of consumer rights”, the delivery of bulky goods and goods weighing more than five pounds for the repair, markdowns, replacement and (or) return to their consumer are carried out by and at the expense of the seller (manufacturer), in other cases transport costs are paid by the Buyer. If you have purchased a good quality product does not suit You for some reason (the specified goods have not approached under the form, dimensions, style, colors, size or configuration), You have the right to refuse it and demand a refund. This requires the following conditions (see RF Law "On protection of consumer rights", article 26.1, paragraph 4):


You have the right to refuse the goods within seven calendar days after its delivery

"... The goods of the proper quality is possible if its trade dress, consumer properties, and also the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of this product. Absence at the consumer of the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of goods, does not deprive him of the opportunity to refer to other proofs of purchase from this seller..."

At refusal of the consumer from the goods the seller must return to him the sum paid by the consumer under the contract, except for the cost of the seller on delivery from the consumer of the returned goods, not later than ten days from the date the consumer the corresponding requirement..."