Spinning Aiko Dixi DIX195UL (DIX195UL)

Model: Dixi
Code: 111-411
Спиннинг Aiko Dixi DIX195UL


a Series of high quality spinning rods, for delicate fishing in the style of ultralight and light.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
1 - 7
Test fishing line
1 - 5
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Spinning, Universal
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP, trout
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing

a Series of high quality spinning rods, for delicate fishing in the style of ultralight and light.

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Team AikoStore 15.08.2014
Ilia, good day! The top is suitable only to "native" forms. To order the tip, which is not in stock, please send us zakaz@aikostore.ru the name of the desired model and Your contact number. I arrange reserve and notify You of the receipt.
Alex 10.06.2014
Tested Dixi 195 UL in. Turntables from 2 gr. throws 25-30 meters. Moderately hard. Sometimes when cutting tearing lip the bass. Sensitivity is not great, but the bite of the obstacles are given in the arm. Maximum tried 10 gr. crank throws but it is hard. Up to 7 Gy. shooting quality is great.
S. M. B 19.04.2014
(everyone chooses what he wants )
Alex 18.04.2014
Have another budget-Maximus light, there build quality is much higher.
S. M. B 15.04.2014
for God's sake, catch what you want and how you want, I'm just happy for you!!!!!! I said as I used a stick and some tooling, (everyone chooses what he wants )
PCC 13.04.2014
I Dixi195-m catch a great wagon ,spinners,cranky and tichit they can 44 L-minoy lack of rigidity,factor of safety is
S. M. B 08.04.2014
stick cool as a wagon , caught mainly on discharge, drop-shot and occasionally on jig from 3 g.
Denis Volodko 08.04.2014
how do you like the wand? acercate a few words, if not difficult
S. M. B 07.04.2014
series Dixi budget don't forget me personally Dixi 210UL caught her two years were satisfied ,took the wand and the black sea and rivers of Abkhazia , now she catches my uncle and is very satisfied! (everyone chooses what he wants )
Alex 02.04.2014
Today I received Dixi 195 UL, the quality of spinning flawlessly. The build quality is lame. Handle made of EVA badly fitted and poorly glued. Waiting for water to sample.

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