Spinning Aiko Dixi DIX195UL (DIX195UL)

Model: Dixi
Code: 111-411
Спиннинг Aiko Dixi DIX195UL


a Series of high quality spinning rods, for delicate fishing in the style of ultralight and light.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
1 - 7
Test fishing line
1 - 5
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Spinning, Universal
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP, trout
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing

a Series of high quality spinning rods, for delicate fishing in the style of ultralight and light.

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Dmitry 29.01.2018
Favorite stick. 3 weeks in the Poconos and the Other is not removed. Threw mostly kolebalki 8G to Take on a light wand 6 kg pike, this would be a fun (but stick right). Broke the whip, found in the MSC without any problems. Advise the spool to stick in your price range
Mr Skosarev 03.08.2017
As anyone, but this is my "twig"! Works third season, paired with a similar "budget" Shimano, Alivio 1000! It was taken as a reserve! Now they rule!!! "Abstruse" this set, any, in accuracy and range! Neznanke, as it fell into the realm of "toothy," but ... it seemed like the figs the most "toothy" and local fans of "Chepikov" with "ropes"!!! "Powerskin" 0.08 pulled "sartania" semerochki Troicki, four as ... brush your teeth! Now here's the second took Dixie for a change, as under the fell, (the handle, the butt) but Chuikov and bruscolotti the same! From good deed goes unpunished! Compare it to :) "we have them" :) So, show-off past If that!!! Good LUCK to everyone!!!
Maxim Perepilitsa 16.02.2017
Already ordered)))tell the top from Dixie test 2-9g fit to the base of the test 1-7 gr?
Team AikoStore 17.02.2017
Good afternoon. No. Suitable only for the top recommended by the manufacturer.
Maxim Perepilitsa 15.02.2017
In stock Dixie,the test 1-7 gr???
Team AikoStore 16.02.2017
Good afternoon. This item is in stock. Can place your order. Send your contacts to our email or call us. AIKO Dixi - a series of high quality spinning rods, for delicate fishing in the style of ultralight and light. Twitching crankbaits, outlet leash, bleszinki and a small cranky - this series is perfect for most baits within the test range.
Dmitry 04.02.2017
if no under rear ring mount bait is marriage, or so conceived?
Team AikoStore 06.02.2017
Good afternoon. In this model, spinning reel, this option is not provided.
MOMPOO 19.01.2017
I bought this spinning in the store but there are no rings under the spinner znicit know what the cigs are fake?
Team AikoStore 20.01.2017
Good afternoon. Spinning is not a fake. In this model, the spinning, this option is not provided.

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