Thermos for food and beverage Arctic (1.2 L.), 24 hours, steel (201-1200)

Model: Two hundred one
Code: 2000-8664
Термос для еды и напитков Арктика (1,2 л.), 24 часа, стальной
Термос для еды и напитков Арктика (1,2 л.), 24 часа, стальной
Термос для еды и напитков Арктика (1,2 л.), 24 часа, стальной

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Russia, China

Thermos Arctic wide-mouth, universal, stainless steel 201-1200

With 201 series starts the range of the Arctic thermos with a wide throat. What are the advantages of the enlarged diameter of the neck? In a more broad functionality: this thermos Arctic useful for storing not only drinks but also food. With the same purpose stopper thermos 201 series consists of two parts (see additional photo to the product) a narrow inner tube will come in handy when a thermos is filled with the beverage (it is also provided with channels for receiving the semi-open position) and a wider outer part can be removed to make it easier to get food from a thermos. Wide neck provides easy access to the inside of the flask, so the flask is easy to clean after use. Shoulder strap, which is included in the kit is easily mounted on the housing.

  • A flask with a volume of 1.2 l
  • Bulb and housing made of stainless steel grade 18/8
  • Color: steel (silver)
  • Double wide tube, a narrow spout, the channels for pouring in the fully open position
  • An additional Cup and wrist strap included
  • Dimensions: 26,5x10,8 cm
  • Neck diameter: 7.5 cm

Testing the keeping temperature of the drink was produced under the following conditions:

  • External temperature: 24°C
  • Cold: Liquid +1°C was placed in a thermos. Upon expiry of this period the temperature was 18°C.
  • Hot: Liquid 95°C was placed in a thermos. Upon expiry of this period her temperature was 55°C.

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