Wobbler Jackall TINY CHICK 35F, color 004

Code: 114-3501
Воблер Aiko TINY CHICK 35F, цвет 004

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Size: 35

NEW 20141!!! Miniature bait with active own game.
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Main characteristics
0-0.6 - 0.6
Color code
The object of fishing
pike, perch, trout
Package quantity
The type of bait
Type of game
Description Miniature bait with active own game, which will be very effective when fishing for Chub, perch, trout. Works great as a uniform transaction and with small jerks of the rod tip.


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Gregory 30.09.2016
Works great
Dmitry 31.08.2015
Good afternoon. Decided to sketch obzorchik in haste. Tiny Chick shot on the first fishing trip after working great for trout. Liked the course immediately. But I wanted to check it out on our white predators. And finally, the trip to oku. Friend roll meets not happily, lots of boats heavily bombed catchability pits the result is all 0. Zacarias a little out of the way, frantically throwing out bait is the result of 2 hours not a single bite. Here vspominau about the little TINY minute, I think not catch at least will experience it in different conditions. The benefit of this place is the abundance of Riptide GP, the return , slowing the flow. And that's not more than 2 meters of wiring - strike and the first lobes posing and swims away. The second throw, the second a little less Chub. A total of five shots-five fish. Next lull. Move to return , throw, and that is not the major language stubbornly refuses photo. And things moving from place to place prevlevel the Chub not the big ides. But the most interesting in that while the boat was drying I decided to make a few casts from shore caught small perch and suddenly the bite is clearly bigger fish and found that fish the bream.
glory 19.01.2015
color 036 picture is not the same.Wobbler red as the color 036 roost at crenk
Team AikoStore 20.01.2015
No, the picture in this model is the same, it is bright pink.

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Вести с платных водоемов (HeOn, дата публикации 13.05.2014, http://www.samarafishing.ru/board/index.php?topic=35167.msg570523#msg570523).

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