Spinning Aiko Ranger RAN190L (RAN190L)

Model: Ranger
Code: 111-401
Спиннинг Aiko Ranger RAN190L
Спиннинг Aiko Ranger RAN190L
Спиннинг Aiko Ranger RAN190L


a Series of spinnings focused primarily on the snatch catch "twitching".

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Main characteristics
Test bait
3 - 18
Test fishing line
6 - 16
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Teachingby, Spinning
The object of fishing
ASP, trout, Sudak, pike, perch
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing

Ranger - a series of spinnings focused primarily on catch jerk - the so-called "twitching". Their fast and ultra-fast (fast-extrafast) structure and excellent balance make it a huge success to use a series of dash for animation of bulk lures or fishing drive pin snap-in in an aggressive style.


Spinning rods series has protivopolozhnymi rings and are spaced ergonomic handle, practical EVA.

The series consists of 5 models for short and medium length, different power.

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Spinning Aiko Ranger RAN190LRAN190L-
Spinning Aiko Ranger RAN200MLRAN200ML€40.61Buy
Spinning Aiko Ranger RAN206MHRAN206MH-
Spinning Aiko Ranger RAN210MRAN210M-
Spinning Aiko Ranger RAN225MRAN225M-
Spinning Aiko Ranger RAN210MCRAN210MC€44.14Buy
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Sergey 14.11.2017
Good day! Tell me, please, when you see the top of it to RANGER190L?
Maxim 23.05.2017
Ranger RAN210M when will it appear?
Team AikoStore 24.05.2017
Good afternoon. The arrival is expected,the exact date of arrival yet, can deliver a targeted position under the orders and upon the arrival, will call You. Send your contacts to our email.
Dmitri 01.08.2016
In 225 when growth is expected and whether it
Vitaly Danilkin 05.07.2016
Ranger 4-22g. Pike 2.8 kg.
Oleg 22.12.2015
Hello, the question is, how long after the new year prices change?
Team AikoStore 22.12.2015
Good day until the information was received.
Vitaly Danilkin 30.09.2015
My first and second pike!
Andrew 03.09.2015
Bought 190 somewhere 1,5 year ago not yet broken the top knee into 4 pieces, emphasize foolishly, handled negative angle and broke as it should be from the top of the form. The stick is very happy, waiting for the form just as soon as we will get.
Mikhail Romanov 02.07.2015
Brought the rod yesterday. Put it on the coil. The rod has a very comfortable handle, its dimensions perfectly approached me. Spinning is very light, seems lighter than my cell phone. Bend well, it does not produce the characteristic sounds. It's like rubber. Rings haven't checked but the internal coating quality can be seen. Hopefully the fishing line will not shred. This Sunday will go to the river to catch catfish and carp.

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