Spinning Aiko 206ULS Izabella IZ (IZ 206ULS)

Model: Izabella
Code: 111-491
Спиннинг Aiko Izabella IZ 206ULS
Спиннинг Aiko Izabella IZ 206ULS
Спиннинг Aiko Izabella IZ 206ULS


  • 1 - 5
  • 1.5 - 6
  • 2 - 7
  • 3 - 12
Available the spinning for microregional fishing cost less than 3,000 RUB.
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Main characteristics
Test bait
1 - 5
Test fishing line
1 - 5
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
Reel seat
The type of fishing
Microjy, Spinning
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore
Description Available the spinning for microregional fishing.

Spinning Izabella have excellent characteristically, easy, sensitive and equipped with modern fittings. Monolithic bonding spinning Izabella has a noticeable, bright yellow and glows in the dark that allows you to comfortably fish in conditions of twilight.


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Spinning Aiko Izabella IZ 206ULSIZ 206ULS-
Spinning Aiko Izabella IZ 210ULSIZ 210ULS-
Spinning Aiko Izabella IZ 214ULSIZ 214ULS-
Spinning Aiko Izabella IZ 218LSIZ 218LS-
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Dmitry Kim 27.11.2015
Good afternoon. Will sell Aiko izabella218 3-date: 17th and when approximately?
Alexander 19.05.2015
Took for rockfish.The form is not lit.Everyone else is happy!
Michael 07.05.2015
Hello.Is it possible to order just the tip,and then broke all clambered nowhere nashol.
Team AikoStore 07.05.2015
Good day, Michael! Yes, of course. In stock http://aikostore.ru/rybalka/zapchasti/aiko/Vershinka_Izabella_206ULS_test_1_5__115-501
Alex 03.05.2015
Good day, recently ordered you got the spinning of 2.10 test of 1.5-6 grams. in Chelyabinsk. Thank you very much, the delivery is almost instant, the third day after the order was already in my hands. got what I expected, disappointed only that there are no metal hinges at handle Blanca for attaching lures when you move back and long plastic threads, not all of coil's stand. A few extra turns would not hurt. Otherwise a great stick, has twice tested on the reservoir, the total production of about 5-7 kg, the trophy is 1.7 kg., katuha - Daiwa Regal 1500. Thank you very much!
Andrew 06.03.2015
Yesterday came the stick.Today went test works well fish knits perfectly!!! throw 2-3G OK! Wand happy took the youngest.
Dmitry 01.03.2015
Namesake, I had time to drive wobi, because it was reluctant to carry two forms)) So, the answer is: you can. I love peticite, Jersey sometimes according to the season. It is clear that these powerful jerks will not work, but to say that the form fails badly - I will not say. Ryokami led light and sometimes strong enough on the verge of a blow - form cope (EO - Khamsin 70 sr-sp, enough uporoty). The form is quite elastic on petrah (3-12 g, 218см). By the way - this winter has been the case at zero degrees. The fence was spray with silicone, waited for little wheels quickly clogged with ice, but everything went great! NHN! With HC. - Dmitry.
Sergey 29.12.2014
Hello , today I have ordered a Rod Izabella IZ 210ULS+Tip Izabella 210ULS, test 1.5-6 Room reserve: А005636 from 29-12-2014 , the big request : to check the alignment of the rings and varnish before shipping . All employees AikoStore a happy new year !!!!! P. S. I video review .
Dmitry 18.12.2014
Hello ! Tell me how the model works with 3-12 techinhawaii cranks ?( there infa that solodovyi the tips are not very combined with the dash animation )
Team AikoStore 19.12.2014
Good afternoon, Dmitry! In General, the range of Izabella for Microdrive, so for crankbaits it is not very suitable. As for the tip, here opinions diverge individually.

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