Spinning Aiko Espada ESP232L (ESP232L)

Model: Espada
Code: 111-381
Спиннинг Aiko Espada ESP232L


Jig series spinning rods are optimally revealing of his power and dignity in this direction was catching.

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Main characteristics
Test bait
3 - 10
Test fishing line
4 - 16
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Spinning, Jigs'
The object of fishing
Sudak, pike, perch, ASP
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing

Espada - jig series spinning rods are optimally revealing of his power and dignity in this direction fishing.


Has excellent brasovului, sensitivity, and most importantly - a very budget price.

Spinning rods are equipped with rings protivopolozhnymi posted by the handle of a practical EVA, most of them have a fast and ultra-fast (fast-extrafast) system.

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Spinning Aiko Espada ESP232LESP232L-
Spinning Aiko Espada ESP240MLESP240ML€44.39Buy
Spinning Aiko Espada ESP246MESP246M-
Spinning Aiko Espada ESP248MHESP248MH€50.71Buy
Spinning Aiko Espada ESP267MESP267M€52.9Buy
Spinning Aiko Espada ESP273MHESP273MH€54.72Buy
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Andrew 16.02.2017
Thanks for the suggestion, but AIKO Harpija a bit on the test is small and highly fast for me, I decided to make room in the budget and drew attention to Aiko 1002 Shooter, that's exactly what I need, but damn it, it again, no You have, say, at the exhibition it will be? then it would be possible to pre-negotiate the purchase thereof.
Team AikoStore 17.02.2017
Good afternoon. Aiko Shooter 1002H currently out of stock, can supply "custom" and upon the arrival to call You. Shooter - series for jig fishing, and it has excellent characteristics in terms of sonority, broccoli and power.
Andrew 14.02.2017
Estimated waiting time?, to expect or to look for something else, my season starts in March.
Team AikoStore 15.02.2017
Good afternoon. The exact date of arrival yet. Recommended option that may be of interest to You - AIKO Harpija HRP 267MH. Rod having a major jig fishing, must have high sensitivity and excellent brasovului. These characteristics are spinning a new series Harpija. But added to this is also a great balance, reliability, attractive appearance and price. http://aikostore.ru/rybalka/udilishcha/Aiko/Spinning_Harpija_HRP_267MH__111-519
Andrew 14.02.2017
Espada ESP273MH planned sale in the near future?? it may be at the exhibition?
Team AikoStore 14.02.2017
Good afternoon. This product is no longer available. Can supply You are interested in the position of "on order" and upon the arrival of will call You. Please send your contacts to our email.
Alexander Bilyk 30.03.2016
I have two sticks, one 8-48, 5-25 second, problems with the top test was not observed, which then falls on the cast, 25+11 rubber throw, there is no problem in second, first with cargo 56+11 bait, too well, here's what the bottom test low, Yes, and seriously, especially to the fine tip worked
Sergey 25.12.2015
how much is shipping
Team AikoStore 13.01.2016
Cost and delivery options read more here: http://aikostore.ru/delivery.php
Sergey 12.12.2015
Hello,tell me how long is the product in g Bryansk

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