Fishing line Power Pro Bite Motion 0.10 mm, Braided, color dark blue, 150m (PPBI15010BM) buy cheap online shop!

Model: Bite Motion
Code: 1111-0501
Леска Power Pro Bite Motion, 0.10мм, Плетеная, цвет Мультиколор, 150м

Unwinding: 150

With Power Pro Bite Motion You can easily identify a strike.
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Power Pro
Bite Motion

Power Pro which year in a row as the best in the competition "the best braided cord".

Submitted braided fishing line has an orange color with black inserts, length 13 inches, which allow you to control the bite as to slack the line, and in windy weather. The Manager of the American company Power Pro Niki Baars told that the black insert on the fishing line required for control of biting fish in poor weather fishing conditions that will increase the number of fish caught. This wicker is very sturdy and has minimal stretch. The load at break of 5 kg.

The advantages of using braided fishing line Power Pro Bite Motion:

  • sensitivity when biting fish;
  • far, accurate and quiet request.
  • versatility (can be used for coils of various types);
  • sustained loads on the nodes;
  • minimum tension;
  • high strength.

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Alexander 29.03.2016
Magaeine,not once bought.But this thread Galimov China .Waste of money. Flat weave,very loose.0,1 actually holds 2.2 kg. (not the node is torn where it wants).The diameter is clearly too high.Took here Sunline PE-EGI Ult,with a diameter of 0.6(jap.)much thinner and the node holds 3 lbs. On bezuslovna the declared load(same price).
Matthew Ivshin 09.06.2015
Cord picked up for twiching early in the morning, when hard to see the bait. Used mainly poppers. The cord had to be clearly visible, a small stretch and be sufficiently thin and durable to parusel when casting light of Popper. Settled on Power Pro Bite Motion . Casting out over the horizon, not parasit even moderate winds. Thanks to the original coloring (the orange cord with black marks), the cord is visible, which is important when the nozzle is not visible. Happy with the purchase! Thank you for good service!

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