Coil Shimano Catana 1000 RB (CAT1000RB)

Model: Catana RB
Code: 1213-131
Катушка Shimano Catana 1000 RB

Size/Gear ratio:

Bearings: 2+1

Series spinning reels Catana RB – zadnepryany variant folk legends.

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Catana RB

Series spinning reels Catana RB is zadnepryany variant folk legends. High reliability and good performance the distinguishing feature of this model. Smoothness and "indestructibility" of the mechanism is comparable, perhaps, with the coils of an average price category, but not as budget. These properties have been achieved thanks to the high performance of all parts and 2 ball bearings. A good balance of the product provides the Assembly on the concept of Dyna-Balance. 1 roller bearing system Super Stopper II provides instant brake-reverse, and make accurate, timely cutting.

There is a perception that rear clutch is less accurate in the setting than the front. For example, the reel Catana RB developers at Shimano proved to the world that this is a myth. Rear clutch has a smooth action and precision tuning that helps in the fight against trophy fish. If you are looking for a budget reel, then don't miss your opportunity to purchase this legend – you will not be disappointed in your choice even a few years.

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