Spinner Aiko Foster 2.7 g, color 11+15 (4665293384471)

Model: Foster 2.7
Code: 1960-0405

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Foster 2.7

The novelty in the line of MicroBlaze from the company Aiko. One of the most popular forms of lures when fishing in stagnant water or in rivers with low flow.
Thanks to the specific shape of the body, when you post the spoon floating in the water column, reminding the little predator well-fed fry. Pause spinner appetizing showered with a large amplitude, additionally attracting predatory fish. On the paysite for this lure great rainbow trout, on the rivers, Chub, pike, perch, Chub and grayling.
The spinner is equipped with hooks with a beard trout type.
The package contains two lures of the same weight having different colors, both external and internal parties.
Quality painting is not damaged even when a large number of bites and long time operation.

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