Spinning Perch MEGABASS Pro SPR-612UL (SPR-612UL)

Model: Perch Pro
Code: 1910-0701
Спиннинг KOSADAKA Perch Pro SPR-612UL


  • 185 / 2 - 12
  • 185 / 5 - 21
  • 196 / 4 - 16
  • 206 / 2 - 12
  • 206 / 2 - 12
  • 206 / 4 - 16
  • 206 / 5 - 21
  • 206 / 5 - 21
  • 228 / 4 - 16
  • 243 / 5 - 21
Perch MEGABASS spinning rods designed for advanced anglers. Rods made of Japanese high quality carbon fibre, due to what is endowed with ease and high sensitivity, allowing you to control the bait in the water and carry out cutting. Due to the small length and weight, common to all rods of this line is provided for guests of their exploitation and transportation. Working part of a spinning coloured that in the process of catching greatly facilitates the control of the strikes. Posted equipped with a handle made of foam neoprene and protivopolozhnymi rings K-Serias Tangle-Free.
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Main characteristics
Test bait
2 - 12
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
pond, lake, river
Point of fishing
boat, shore
Perch Pro

Where do inveterate fisherman without a rod, reel and accessory items? On the market there are many firms, but which to choose? First, one that meets all the quality criteria, and secondly, one that fits into your budget. Considering all of the criteria you can go for a specific purchase, but it's also worth considering the convenience and skills.

By the beginning of this summer season, the company has developed a new MEGABASS spinning rods. The firm always tried to follow the principle - "quality tackle at an affordable price" and to create products that is affordable for fans of fishing, but now has receded a bit from them and created a spinning MEGABASS minnow Pro, which is designed for advanced anglers. The company has developed a special range of rods, where each of them will be responsible for a certain segment of the market.

The developers decided to make a competent replacement, but it remains the same form, which is made from high quality Japanese carbon. Due to this Pro Perch MEGABASS is endowed with ease and sensitivity. A thought, as it turns out, is just to take up spinning and to feel all of his innovations. This spinning can use modern braided fishing line, not every analog model of another production allows.

All Pro Perch MEGABASS spinning rods are light weight and the length that allows you to conveniently place them in their hands and to take to the road. The working part of the rod has a bright color, and thereby increases the efficiency and control of the strikes.

A series of Pro Perch MEGABASS spinning rods were created on the basis MEGABASS minnow Sport Special with SiC inserts in the frame K-Serias Tangle-Free, but without the use of expensive brand accessories FUJI that has significantly lower pricing, almost without losing the effectiveness of the rod. The handle of the spinning reel is a classic one-piece structure, handle material - cork.

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Spinning Perch MEGABASS Pro SPR-612ULSPR-612UL-
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Spinning Perch MEGABASS Pro SPR-732MLSPR-732ML-
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