Fishing-rod Salmo Taifun Picker picerne 2.4 (3136-240)

Model: Taifun Picker
Code: 1912-7701
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Main characteristics
The number of sections
2 + 3
According to the technique of catching
Transport length
The type of fishing
Taifun Picker
Description Every year, a growing number of fans are bottom fishing, using modern specialized rods: a powerful feeders and fishing rod for casting lighter weight lures - pickery. In the group "FEEDER ROD AND PICARDIE" strike for bottom fishing is represented by the following models: ELITE FEEDER, FEEDER 130 DIAMOND, DIAMOND FEEDER 100, DIAMOND FEEDER 80, TAIFUN SPECIAL FEEDER, TAIFUN PICKER. Regardless of the material form from which it is made, the rods, whether it is the rod ELITE series or TAIFUN, sensitive replaceable vershinki always sends a signal to the fisherman of any current underwater situation. Each removable tip has its own, depending on hardness, colour: yellow, green or red. The choice of the tip is made depending on the specific conditions of fishing. FEEDER Salmo TAIFUN: Reliable middle order, a three-knee feeder with two interchangeable tips-with detectors of different stiffness. The form is made of lightweight fiberglass, has a mount knee-on type IN STEEK, equipped by rings with ceramic inserts, a convenient neoprene handle and a reliable screw reel seat. Recommended for a wide range of anglers. - blank material: rods - fiberglass; - structure form average; - the design of the plug; - the tip of the rod exchangeable different sensitivity the signal coloring; connection of the rings IN STEEK; - ring bandwidth with reinforced ceramic inserts; - handle neoprene; - screw-type reel seat.

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Picerno the fishing-rod Salmo Taifun Picker 2.43136-240-
Fishing-rod Salmo Taifun Picker picerne 2.73136-270-
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