Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS762ML (ARS762ML)

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Спиннинг Aiko ARSENAL ARS762ML
Спиннинг Aiko ARSENAL ARS762ML
Спиннинг Aiko ARSENAL ARS762ML


Gorgeous spinning, sharpened fishing jig. Have complex systems - fast static and medium-fast dynamics, which allows long and accurate casts, and when working in...

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Main characteristics
Test bait
3 - 21
Test fishing line
3 - 12
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
The type of fishing
Jigs', Spinning
The object of fishing
som, pike, perch, ASP, Sudak
Fishing season
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Spinning rods series Arsenal designed specifically for jig fishing. When creating these rods were taken into account all the demands of the fishermen, in other words, everything is calculated to the smallest detail. Sam Stroy spinning designed so that when casting the lure flew right on target, and playing the spinning uniformly distributes the load around the form, allowing you to comfortably and reliably draw out the predator.

Spinning rods made of a material ASGLis one good solution for data characteristics and system. The rods are installed lightweight ring KIGAN, handle material made of EVAthat allows you to catch in the cold season. The spinning comfortably in the hand and elbow. Installed the reel seat Fuji with the bottom screw, and just above there is a Hook Keeper for attaching lures.

Spinning rods are available in nine models, two of which are casting.

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Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS762MLARS762ML-
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS792MARS792M-
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS802MHARS802MH-
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS842MARS842M-
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS892MLARS892ML-
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS892MARS892M€116.49Buy
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL ARS902MARS902M€78.91Buy
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL 872MCARS872MC-
Spinning Aiko ARSENAL 772MHCARS772MHC-
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Sergey Privalov 13.07.2015
ARS 762ML, year of operation. Jig - good twitch - good casting - good. Indestructibility have specifically 762ML - excellent! Two meetings with the ends of other sticks a stick stand, despite the fact that the cast never was carpal.
Vinnitsa 23.04.2015
This stick is not for a quiet dam with a sleepy carp. a very powerful thing! Fortress allows you to throw in the river a brick on meters to 50 meters. The size coupled with the number of rings perfect to combat predatory big fish. Spinning Аrsenal designed for professional fishermen, but is also suitable for beginners who are not yet feeling the strength in her hands.
Bas 05.01.2015
2014 ars792 caught and happy happy all happy. On the course took a wicked pike , went under the boat , the clutch howled , decided to turn slightly to bring it from the bottom... and Terrible psychological trauma. Knee top four places destroyed. After each crossing of the ring scrapped. Pike left, I was in a coma. Maybe I'm guilty but we must now take a new knee and doubts gnawing at the brain and not repeated. The second demolition will not survive.
Eugene Polyak 11.11.2014
Interested in stick ARS762ML - how to work with weights at the lower end 3-4G.?
Team AikoStore 12.11.2014
According to customer feedback, this spinning good sensitivity even at the lower limit of the test.
Marat M M 15.02.2014
The 2013 season has atributul with ARS 892M.My assessment: great jig,is it.Before that caught by Avid, there is nothing to compare.

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Весть с водоема (дата публикации 30.09.2016, Илатовский Семен, http://rnarod.su/namikrodzhigovatsa_13893/)

Хороший улов. (дата публикации 30.09.2016, nikitos99, http://rnarod.su/trenirovka_pered_around_13890/)

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