Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 167 (213652)

Model: Lord 72S
Code: 2001-1175
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 167

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  • One hundred sixty seven
  • Two hundred seven
  • 273
  • Four hundred twenty
  • Four hundred forty two
  • Four hundred forty six
  • Eight hundred
  • Nine hundred fifty four
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Main characteristics
Color code
Lord 72S
Description Hard plastic sinking lure bladeless (ratline) is very effective for fishing large pits in search of large perch or pike. They are, in comparison with the classic deep minnow or crinkly, quickly come to the working depth and almost immediately cause the fish to draw attention to themselves. And on the range with them can compete only jig tooling. Therefore, many manufacturers of fishing lures is administered in a range of increasingly diverse models. One of the latest developments of the company TsuYoki is a mid-size Wobbler TsuYoki Lord. Its length is 72 mm if the declared weight of 26.5 grams. It is truly a versatile bait that can be equally effective in summer when fishing on spinning and in the winter while ice fishing during the harvest of large areas. Perch or bersh will not remain indifferent to "the Lord", delighting anglers with their bites. A kind of game able to stir up a sluggish predator even in this period, as "gluhozime". Wobbler TsuYoki Lord at his size is pretty heavy. The plastic body contains a lead core that increases the mass of the lure. This allows him to quickly reach the bottom and commit the active transaction in the bottom layer. In addition, a large proportion will be more than ever, allowing you to make very long casts while shore fishing or when fishing in reservoirs.

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Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 167
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 167
Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 207
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 207
Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 273
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 273
Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 420
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 420
Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 442
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 442
Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 446
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 446
Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 800
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 800
Wobbler TsuYoki LORD 72S 954
Воблер TsuYoki LORD 72S 954
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