Wobbler megabass SANTA 90F, color 020

Model: SANTA 90F
Code: 1950-1201
Воблер Aiko SANTA 90F, цвет 020

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Size: 90

Poverhnostnye Wobbler Jackall Santa 90 F great simbios Popper and topwater features increased efficiency thanks to adaptive-bladed parts. Is an indispensable lure for pike in the summer...

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Wobbler megabass Santa 90 F is a typical representative of topwaters, it can still be called poverhnostnom.

The extended length of the body clearly indicates that it is perfect for fishing medium and large pike.

Wobbler Santa is unique in its kind. Powered by adaptive blade that allows you to change the principle of operation of the lure with a twist, of the company Aiko managed to combine Popper and a kind of pripoverkhnostnykh with minimal penetration. This work gives a positive result spinnings that constantly change tactics to fishing in the fishing process. If the predator does not respond well to papernow classic wiring with a spray of bubbles and a clear Champ, by changing the position of the scapula, to hold Santa at 90 F minimum depth above a clump of grass at a uniform pace, or to try to seduce the predator sharp twikiroot transaction.

The most vivid impressions from fishing will be spectacular exits and attack the predator for this lure because the fishing is in the surface layer of water. Thanks to the bright colouring on the back of the lure, you can always check the horizon and the correctness of the transaction.

The scope of the bait Aiko Santa 90 F is, of course, jarovnice overgrown oxbow lakes of the rivers, various creeks with dense vegetation.

Wobbler has proven himself in the summer, when most water bodies are hopelessly overgrown and turned into the underwater jungle. This lure will be able to show excellent permeability in these conditions, not to gather over a tuft of grass, and to provoke the pike to immediate bite.

Good performance and stability in the catch will make the bait one of your favorite in the fishing box.

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