Coil DAIWA 12 LEGALIS 1003

Model: 12 LEGALIS
Code: 312-055
Катушка DAIWA 12 LEGALIS 1003

Size/Gear ratio:

  • 1003/4.7:1
  • 2500/4.7:1
  • 2500/4.7:1
  • 3000/4.7:1
  • 4000/4.9:1

Bearings: 4+1

This model is well suited for anglers fishing in lytova and heavier class.
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Main characteristics
The material of the spool
The number of spools
Gear ratio
The type of fishing
Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
Point of fishing
boat, shore

Reel with front drag. The model is made of metal, but in a lightweight package. Combines all technical features of more expensive reels the middle class, it is very affordable.

Updated 12 DAIWA Legalis very reliable, the 4 bearings, has a smooth and silent operation of the mechanism.

The main drive coil DigiGear prolongs the life of the transmission mechanisms and gears.

Hollow lightweight handle system laccolites AIR BAIL facilitates the entire weight of the reel, and smoothly guides the line onto the roller surface.

The spool is made from lightweight aluminium, and the concept of ABS allows not to worry about the density and correctness of packing of a scaffold while fishing.

Additional bearing installed in the roller system laccolites Twistbuster II, prevents twisting of the fishing line and extends its performance.

Legalis equipped with instant anti-reverse Infinite Anti-reverse, which allows for timely cutting.

Has a cross-winding fishing line Advanced Locomotive Levelwind, with fishing line goes tight, without the formation of voids, which is important for flawless and long casting.

The coil is in the line size with a shallow spool, such as the 2004 and 2506, which are Pro-sports and have to work with the thin PE lines.

This model is well suited for anglers fishing in lytova and heavier class.

  • 4 bearing ( 1 CRBB )
  • gear Digigear
  • hollow lightweight handle AIR BAIL
  • roller line bale Twist Buster
  • instant anti-reverse Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • cross-winding of Advanced Lokomotive Levelwind
  • spool with reverse taper ABS
  • reliable return mechanism on the headband

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