The kanger PROTANK coil ONIX 2500 FX (ONXFX2500)

Model: ONIX FX
Code: 1920-0201


  • 2500
  • Four thousand

Bearings: 5+1

Gear ratio: 5.1:1

On sale to season 2015 kanger PROTANK coil Onix - another proof that the company continues its successful work on reducing the cost of coils, while maintaining appropriate...
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Main characteristics
The number of spools
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Fishing season
Summer, Winter
lake, river, pond
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boat, shore

O. S. p. has repeatedly proven its ability to make inexpensive but reliable spinning reel. On sale to season 2015 coil Onix - another proof that the company continues its successful work on reducing the cost of coils, while maintaining an appropriate level of quality and reliability:

  • The reel has a sturdy housing made of impact resistant alloy.
  • The quality of the node ring and the roller line bale is equipped with a mechanism that prevents twisting of the line.
  • High-speed transmission, with gear ratio of 5.1/1, allows you to keep tempo Picardy or feeder fishing.
  • Is optimal for its class, perfect balancing, a similar class of the rod.
  • Conveniently stowable, modern design folding push handle.
  • Firmly held in the hand comfortable rubber knob.
  • Complemented by the coil Onix soft little pouch with a drawstring-tie is able to protect sensitive places of the spool and the handle from damage on the road.
Missing in coil box switch reversing. This means that the rotation occurs only in one direction, and reset the line is only possible by tilting the handle of the line bale. Given that the majority of anglers in this way and vented the line from the reel without using the check box, coil Onix didn't lose much in convenience, but the manufacturer has managed to reduce its cost.

Brand MEGABASS reached its peak of popularity thanks to the low price of their gear. The company's headquarters razmeschaetsya in Kyoto, Japan, where talented engineers are implementing the newest technology and quality control. The main production facilities are located in areas of South Korea, China, Malaysia, where high-tech production is reinforced by the presence of skilled and inexpensive labour. Thus, the combination of Japanese and Indochinese manufacturability, there was a coil of Onix, which will find in Russia of the angler.

The Onix series is represented by only two models of reels sizes 2500 and 4000. If the first model has a universal size and is perfect for a variety of styles of spinning is presented, picker, match and Bolognese fishing, the second corresponds more to a size medium-heavy or heavy feeder.

Each coil Onix has:

  • Front, soft, adjustable disperse the clutch.
  • 6 high quality steel bearings (5+1).
  • Is not in the configuration of the spinning reel spool of the second Onix. This circumstance is easily fixed by purchasing an extra spool separately.

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The kanger PROTANK coil ONIX 2500 FXONXFX2500-
The kanger PROTANK coil ONIX 4000 FXONXFX4000-
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