Selection of spinning rods for jig fishing

Jig fishing is currently experiencing peak of its popularity. Came to us quite a long time, she was in the shade and the vast majority of anglers even had no idea what it's for fishing, for what it is and what kinds of fish she can catch. Then, with the growing popularity of various video tapes, DVD, and, with the proliferation of online video web, jig fishing got the real recognition, making this kind of hunting a predator is a favourite for a huge number of anglers.

Jig fishing is a method of posting bait, in which she describes a strong step, moving irregular in the bottom layer of the pond. The advantages of this method of fishing are many and in constant contact with the bait, so there is even the slight "shock" of a predator, and thorough trawling of the perspective points of the pond – road kerb, channel Svalov, borders, snags, rocky ridges, near which love to hold big pike and pike perch. Thanks to this jig fishing allows you to get maximum results even in beskleevoe time.

The choice of rod for jig fishing

However, to get the maximum results when fishing a jig, you need to approach the issue of choice of fishing gear. This is especially true of rods is that it is a kind of conductor of bites on the way from fish to fisherman. For this reason, the right spinning rod for fishing jigs should have the following features:

Maximum sensitivity. Jig rod needs to transfer the moment of contact lure the predator in the same way as if the bait is in the hands of the angler. Give preference to should the rods made from high modulus carbon fibre and with quick (fast) or extrasystem (extrafast) system. This rod perfectly reflects not only every bite of a predator, but also allows a great angler to "read" the bottom – and thus, to distinguish the stone from the sand and silt from the shells will be quite easy

The appropriate test rod. Fishing jig very often happens on a fairly deep areas of water bodies, which implies a relatively heavy weights used jigs-heads. Even in standing water the weight may reach 20-25 grams, not to mention fishing the river, where no surprise and 40 and 50-gram "Cheburashka". It was under such weight, and is chosen for a particular rod. Remember that one rod to cover all different fishing conditions impossible, and in the Arsenal of every self-respecting angler should be at least 2 fishing rods for lake and river fishing.

Throughput of the ring. We should not forget that the setting gear is aimed at maximum sensitivity. For this reason, the use of monofilament lines in jig fishing is extremely rare. Almost always fishing occurs on braided cord. And in order for the rings of the rod does not get hurt when interacting with a rigid network, it is necessary to pay attention to them: the insert should be made of silicon carbide or a heavy-duty ceramic. Huge popular ring Korean firm Fuji – high strength, low weight and compact dimensions have a positive effect on weight and build gear, and also allow to use with this rod any kinds of braided cords.

Handle. This parameter is rather arbitrary, but it depends on the comfort and aesthetic enjoyment in the process of fishing. Many anglers prefer rods with a cork handle posted justifying their choice that can handle not only the most sensitive, but also very beautiful and aesthetic. Pay attention should be and on the nut of the reel seat is the preferred model from the top locking nut – they do not irritate the hand during long fishing, so the fishing will have much more comfortable.

As you can see, the choice of spinning rods – a task quite simple. And most importantly – do not forget that however good the rod, if it is "not laid down in a hand", success should be expected. No tail, no scales!