At what time and how to catch pike?

Among the huge variety of predatory fish, lives in fresh water, pike is the most popular object of fishing among anglers. A fairly large size, omnivorous , aggressive bite and a desperate struggle while playing fish makes the hunt for this predator interesting and exciting.

With the end of the spawning ban comes one of the most auspicious times for pike. Spawned white fish to feed actively in the coastal zone of reservoirs, will not depart from it far away, and pike. Now, when riparian vegetation had not yet risen, shore fishing can show great results.

The best time to catch pike

Posledeistvie zhor makes significant adjustments in the behavior of the predator. Restoring force, the predator actively feeds on enough, so that the fish bite can happen at almost any time. And yet, there are three main peak of the biting fish, when the number of bites the most high. The first period begins at dawn and lasts until the moment when the sun rises above the horizon. At this time, the predator is most active, and the chance to catch a big fish – maximum. The second period, oddly enough, falls on the midday heat. Between 11 and 15 hours a day with a high degree of probability it is possible to catch a big pike on a variety of baits: as silicon and metal, and all sorts of plastic – lures and poppers show remarkable results. The third period is the evening. It starts at 18.00 and lasts until dusk. One of the highlights of the evening fishing is choosing the right places to become necessary so that the setting sun shone angler in the face. According to seasoned anglers, pike attacking the lure from behind, the sun is not blinding, so that the performance of the bites increases.

Regardless of the time of catching , the most promising are jig fishing and hunting for pike using surface lures.

Catching pike on the jig

Jig is one of the most efficient ways of catching pike. It is a stepped wiring in the bottom layer of the reservoir is carried out with pauses of various lengths. As a result of such foam or silicone fishing bait as accurately as possible obleplivaet the near-bottom horizon and can detect all kinds of holes, bumps and browatzki, which adheres to the fish. The main baits used when fishing jigs are all kinds of twisters and vibrohvost and a foam fish that got popular when catching not only pike but also walleye. The tactics of fishing is quite simple : the fisherman throws the bait and waiting until it drops to the bottom. Then, making 2-3 turns of the coil and at the same time podderjivaya bait spinning, spins it up and waiting for the fall to the bottom. As a result, the lure moves in the bottom layer jumping, sinking to the bottom during the pause. This method is great for pike and shows great results not only on lakes but also on rivers.

Catching pike on surface lures

This method is the most spectacular because of the attack of the predator can be observed visually. For this choose fishing floating lures or poppers, and in place of catching depth should not be large. Perfect all sorts of bays and meanders, abundantly overgrown in the summer. As the main tactics used uniform wiring, the wiring for the "stop"n"go", when, after a short displacement, the rotation of the reel is slowed down and the lure slows down to a complete stop, and the twitching – jerk posting, forcing the bait to scour it from side to side. If you use poppers the only possible tactic is twitching – with a series of jerking bait makes loud sounds that attract the predator. That is fishing with surface lures is at its best in early summer, when the pike, followed by white fish, goes in shallow water, heavily while eating.