Ample opportunities Aiko Dixi

Ample opportunities Dixi

Spinning Aiko Dixi I many times checked in and already convinced of its reliability. Today I want to tell it about its pros directly on the water. Many anglers blow up the forums and head to each other, the eternal arguments about sensitivity, casting distance of the upper and lower test, you can overload or not...I'll take himself more not to the theorists, namely the spinning practitioners to say. And about the quality and purpose of gear can only be judged as having left a minimum of 300 km from the city, in the silence and tranquility of mother nature.

What do we expect from budget gear? Many people think , safely say, what to expect from it anything it is not necessary, but you need to be dull and make fan casts in the area where the pond , behind a high wall of reeds, so God forbid someone from a local guru looked askance.
All I have left in the past, steep bluffs and on the edge of the box with the plastic worth more than a thousand rubles per 10 grams.
Not because I can't afford to fish with expensive gear, but because the company Jackson did a great spinning at the people's prices and eliminated all the need to pay someone more for a far-fetched space technology.

With Dixi as it all happened at once, in a hand lay model with the test up to 9 grams of 210 cm long, after installing the correct coil still at home had the feeling that this tackle I have for a long time. Although I love to shake up the fishing-cane shmurdyak.

Go to your favorite river, and this is by the way, was not the first departure with a stick, since last spring, I managed to catch her and on tap, as well as microjy, got into such a situation.

Was hoping to catch okushko, valerochka and bleszinki, but under beach wielded the pike, here I regretted that I did not take a more powerful tackle. But in vain, hanging on the spinning valleron weighing in at 8 grams, I'm quite confident could offer a toothy predator teachingby bait. Spinning worked very confident and playing jacks more than two pounds, it's just a song). So much fun and emotions!

What I like the DIxi 210 UL, the answer is simple, it simple, as simplicity of equipment and ease of use I was very much encouraged. Making his way among the thickets of shrubs don't have much to reproach myself that , cling to a spinning twigs and branches that whip slip. Form nothing will, trust me, I have been.

Reliability, a separate song.

After using ultralight , spinning often relies on the capture of frankly small or medium fish. There are of course exceptions...but overall ,this is an exception.

So I studied one not so close to Moscow river, decided to go for it with pikes. I must say, not for good luck, long collected information...since few times was already on its shores and each time the river brought me a new surprise.

In my gear I do not doubt, and always wanted to experience this bugedo on this fish, I must say, I was lucky.

I believe in valleron AikoKillBill, and he's the best around, as it so happened, the model is very successful for me personally and for the local toothy.

Of course I started fishing with it, the weather was rainy, pike refused to bite almost up to the first twilight that it is not particularly characteristic of the pike as a whole.

That is twilight often hiding the last rays of hope for the long-awaited bite!

Valleron sharply tichels spinning, passing an open area surrounded by thickets of duckweed and water lilies. AikoDixiочень comfortable twicet due his short arms and not great growth, but also lightweight and very balanced.'s one revoke, it's almost like talking under his feet, he disappears and not just a with a fountain spray, that I had to jump somewhere on the meter from Bank.

First's not even potica, just as if someone it primevil to the bait the next tram in the depot without stopping, yeah...especially that I experience is not managed. Stood and watched as squealing clutch and delicate lace meter by meter goes into the river.

When I tried to start playing, but where there is I had only run on the overgrown Bank to the right and left, and watch...just watch what all over. It all seemed as in a shroud, and the dark was still decently already.

Options were not many, I slowly began to regain meter by meter and try to keep the fish in the middle of the river, succeeded, on top of the butt as the tip is not involved in the play , and dutifully followed for patikimi.

Resting in the belly of the butt still managed to drag the pike later 20 minutes to myself, so almost tight, and how to take it??? Dixi is clearly not raise this dinosaur out of the water))) I had to risk and to have a pike on the grass carpet, turned it with difficulty. Next, I followed her into the water, Oh good water!!! Flashed like a moment , grab under the gills and like something thrown together on the shore, although this show has got it was to see.

Dirty, wet and happy at the same time, then the call local that picked me up in the car and some photos with the trophy.

Here is the AikoDixi, budget ultralight winning good jacks.

By the way, this pike weighed exactly 9 pounds agree that it is not the ultimate dream, but take this favorite on ultralight tackle, just a fairy tale!

Fish of the Lord)

Good luck to everyone. SWPG.