Another working week has come to an end. Of course the weekend I planned to go out fishing, love to fish for walleye from a boat on the Kaliningrad Gulf, but on Thursday, I already knew that due to weather conditions fishing on the Bay will have to cancel Friday, I'm even more convinced and decide that Saturday fishing on the river with boats.Saturday morning at home for an hour of reflection understand that fishing from a boat on the river the same not the best idea. Air temperature +2, wind around 8 m/s, and often very strong gusts of wind.

Again, we have to change plans. In other speaking, I have two days of tormented doubts about this fishing. Take a sober decision – shore fishing, in places protected from the wind. Going on the road, in my head spinning thoughts that as a Yes, will there be a today's fishing. Vague doubts, then I see in the distance Gaians are. This is still not enough. Pass by Gaians I do not slow down. There is nothing to fear, but not long ago, I learned another omen, what if police body inhibit, the fishing will be bad. Oh, haha. Going further, passing the town, Philip in the speakers, begins to succumb to the drive, make the music louder, press down the gas pedal and the speedometer needle sticks to around 110. The mood begins to improve, the doubt slowly leave and starts to come suggestion – fishing to be. By the way, this is not the Philip, about whom you probably thought it was haunted. And so another seven kilometers and I'm there, in the village of Znamensk. Collect gear and go on the river called Lava, there is a Chub and the main emphasis I do on it. In the fall of Chub catch is not just necessary to understand where he stands and what bait to offer him. Mainly Chub caught in the summer, this time, he likes to stay in the shallows, near the steep banks and under the branches of trees. The main diet of the Chub in the summer are insects. In the fall of Chub leaves these places and becoming more predatory, but inactive. I'm starting to sh a KranK promising place, but they are still more similar to summer habitat for the Chub. Fifteen minutes fished these points from different angles, but no result. Then on the same transaction tychek, two seconds later, a second attack, there is a fish on a hook, took a small depth, helped accurate throw, the first two meters, forced the fish, the fish comes to the surface, a lot of spikes, the problem area is passed, then a quiet fishing out ten meters, the water is clear, everything is clearly visible. And here is a beautiful and strong fish on the beach, everything turned out very good.

A photo session and released the fish. After a while I broke my Chinese, though he is not expensive, but it is a pity, because he was working, I was biracial. Put microcodable, after a while I catch him mellomania. Next, turn on the jig as bait used Aiko, Vibrant. It has a very sluggish, but stable action, excellent solution for the autumn and inactive fish.
Chub usually very poorly responsive to jig, he likes a very slow transaction, and in my opinion, Vibrant 4 gram head may tempt the Chub. Chub, he did not bring but a couple of mellomania I caught. Perch though small, but it swallowed the lure very well, the tail is half the body of the lure. My fishing ended, the result is not great, but I'm satisfied, especially pleased with holovlit!
All NHN!