Braid or a monoscaffold on spinning? The pros and cons

Once the correct rod for fishing lures is purchased and an addition to it began spinning reel almost every angler thinks : "what wound on a spool?" A fishing line? Simple, cheap and effective. Braided cord? More expensive, but much thinner and almost stretched. Some of these options are preferable? Buy braided cord or monolescu?

This question must have plagued each of us. And if you take into account the fact that the only correct option does not exist, the question becomes even more interesting. Meanwhile, to understand the situation quite simple! A good thing to think and to remember the conditions in which it is assumed the fishing.

A monoscaffold. The main advantages and specifics of using
With monofilament line our anglers have known for a long time. Fishing line has a number of advantages, which distinguish it from the competition and make the ideal option for certain conditions of fishing :
•Fishing line is virtually invisible in the water;
•Good fishing line stretches and absorbs jerks fish;
•Has excellent abrasive resistance;
•Even high-quality fishing line is inexpensive;
These benefits make manolescu ideal for those applications requiring a maximum degree of masking. It is great for catching white predator, Chub, ASP, IDE, which is very odd and easy to notice even a slight nuance in a snap. Nice thin line and when fishing perch: large "humpback" also cautious enough and can ignore the bait, served on a braided cord. And thanks to its high-stretch fishing line perfectly absorbs the jerks strong and large trophy, significantly reducing the risk of derailment. But if in the absence of the leash lure caught pike, the chances of a successful fishing outcome increase substantially : to cut the right line of sharp teeth is much more difficult than for a braided cord.

The braided cord. How and why?
Almost the complete opposite manolescu is a braided cord. Appeared on the market, the cord caused quite a stir among anglers. However, the dust settled rather quickly, and fishermen realized that the braided cord is good only in certain conditions. Largely this is due to its main advantages:
•Extra high strength with minimum diameter;
•Slippery coating providing quiet passage through the rings
•Virtually zero stretch.
Where to use braided line? First and foremost, it's a contact types of fishing lures in which the desired maximum tactile sensitivity – jig and microgy, twitching, fishing with jerkbaits. It is revealed its main advantage – the minimum elongation, which can provide a clear contact with the bottom during the execution of transactions, and also provides a striking sensitivity in the hand is felt even the most cautious bite of the fish. A sufficiently high strength also provides the possibility of using thin braided lines, which significantly increases the range and accuracy of the cast.
The main shortcomings of the two braids. This is, firstly, the low abrasion resistance – easy braid frays pike teeth, and sharp objects on the bottom. Secondly the disadvantages in some situation can be attributed to the minimal elongation : it is thanks to her and there is a large number of retirements, especially in the final stages of a fight and inept operation of the friction brakes.
What to choose – you decide. It should be noted only the fact that experienced anglers do not put the question squarely and skillfully as one, and second, changing the spool depending on the situation.