Perches Jannjeta and not just bass.

To get this rod I was able in pre-production form, so that one of the first lucky owners became exactly who I am. As I remember took the rope in hand, immediately liked , or rather was struck by the design, the wand is made just fabulous, about the color not going to rant, I was the first preserie red, the second - leopard, but in the end the company Aiko brought the series to a more calm, minimalistic and clean design in black and gold tones. Which I liked more than the test rod.

I began my acquaintance with Jannjeta in Okuneva fishing, different fishing conditions dictate a good casting distance. Since perch this day was very far away if lightweight head 3-4 gr does not reach the Parking lot of the predator, respectively, and the bite could not wait.

After the first few casts, the lure 2 g+ , I have verified the range of a tackle, but the shnurikom on the coil was thick, so I had to move the other bobbin with the desired diameter. And now all the flight characteristics become revealed, really spinning just shoots without any problems even the smallest baits a long distance, thanks to this I managed the day, not bad to shabby striped bandits.

For a long time to argue about the technology, to describe the benefits of graphite over the other, but I still consider myself a practitioner, and all the good things about tackle can read for the most part directly in the work environment, although some spinning during the inspection in the store, and produce a positive impression, then the water is all is not so ))) And that I'm always ready... that I can say about Jannjeta that's on the water tackle reveals itself in a wide range of applications, allowing you to catch perch, Chub and even a medium-sized pickerel. Looking ahead, I can say that the major that I came across on model 662 ULT which claimed up to 4 grams, this jeresek klyunuvshie microjy under the dam, he weighed 2.800 gr. He also greatly helped the rapid stream, which he tried to leave , but on playing my twig showed his best side, which is two to three minutes and sureshock was defeated, held a photo shoot and swam back to their native element.
For the sticks, very good trophy, and now I am fully confident that if it fell the predator and larger, if properly managed, tackle the clutch setup and nerves of steel, you have to defeat him! So who...who..and Jannjeta me did not disappoint! As the series has not only Microdrive model with the inset, which a priori primary use is fishing with a mini jig head, mortising, etc., but there are three models of Tubular type, allowing a good catch of Chub, to use cranky for uniform transaction or demolition, and also perform well when fishing on the turntables.

The twitching lungs ParisTech microfabrica I also fished on the model 632 with the test up to 8 Gy, although the structure of the rod cannot be classified as vicevich of pegs, but melavalavu, up to 4 g, I twichy very successful and walking as it is not far from the house, on the outskirts of the capital, came to the exit of the striped pig, which is the jerk the wiring and had to perform, and after the bite, to drag such a coarse animal face and perch on light tackle is a pleasure!

Since I often go fishing , and my experiments with rod Jannjeta is not finished yet, I'm sure even caught the next season, will be able to share new experiences that will bring me tackle this, especially still need to get the company Aiko for temporary use LE of a series of spinning, but I think it would be an entirely different story!