Best lures for summer pike

Summer time is considered to be one of the least promising for hunting pike. Despite the fact that in the peak heat of the predator preferred to settle in secluded places, waiting out the fever , to find and catch the predator can now. Key features of this fishing is getting a strong emphasis on the morning and evening hours, which are the active feeding predator. Right now, before sunrise and after sunset, the angler will see the biggest number of bites.

Where to look for pike in the summer

Summer time dictates its conditions to the habitats of the predator. First of all, holding the pike in the shallow areas of reservoirs that are adjacent to the deep. Look for pike in ponds at depths of more than 4-5 meters is futile : it is here characteristic of the most pronounced manifestation of the thermocline when the water in the bottom layer remains cold and almost completely deprived of oxygen. This makes it unsuitable for fish life in the summer. It is because the thermocline when searching for pike should be limited to depths of 3-4 places – such sites promise maximum number of bites.

Pay attention should be and on the cover : thickets of grass, snags, rocks – all these areas are potential sites of ambush pike, which also contributes to good catches. In such places the little thing feels safe and as you know where the flock is, there the shepherd.

Lures for summer pike

Given the peculiarities of fish behavior in the summer, its own characteristics and the choice of baits for catching of a predator. The lead compact active bait: soft silicone twisters and vibrohvost, rotating and oscillating spinners, and crankbaits with a bright and active for the game. So, rotating and oscillating spinners good at fishing out the shallow parts of the water and finding active predators. With active play and high visual appeal, they are primarily able to catch that pike that is active and set to eat.

Other specifics have jig baits. With their help, the angler has an excellent feature to sh in near-bottom horizons of the reservoir and to find any, even the most minimal drop offs in depth, the protrusions and the dimples. It jig perfectly capture the passive pike, standing at the bottom. When fishing jigs should be given great importance to the lure. Despite the fact that almost always works the principle "choose the bait, which is similar to the food item in a particular place" in a certain situation, the best results show the lures vivid and provocative colors – lemon, orange, bright red, which are able to disrupt even the most passive pike.

Another category of lures that can "mow" even the most passive pike – lures. The best option for summer pike become crankbaits minnow class, not having his own game, but are active during the dash wiring. The chaotic motion of the lure, resembling a sick or wounded fish, is able to drive the shark mad. And takes are as during active phases of the game, and during a long pause – it seems that a predator is nearby, for a long time looking at the bait.

As some varieties of lures, you can highlight the Popper lure is designed for fishing on the surface. The most stable results are shown in the overgrown ponds where any other bait is impossible. Poppers – active bait with a strong sound effect. Fishing with them exciting and very entertaining : attack of the predator visible to the naked eye, causing the heart to tremble at the next strike of a pike on the bait. Successful fishing with a surface lure remains in the memory of the fisherman, and memories warm the soul on long winter evenings.