How to choose a rod for donkey

For any fisherman the first thought that visited my head before going fishing is what rod to choose and how to equip ego. If earlier a leader among the fishermen was a bamboo pole and Nevskaya coil, but now, fortunately, times have changed and the shelves in any fishing store just full ranks of specialized rods, giving you the opportunity to ease and expand methods of fishing. What you need to pay attention to when choosing a rod, what a terrible term that means fishing by means of bottom.

First thing you should do to understand is to distinguish between rods. The main parameters in the distribution of rods is their specialty (which is intended) and length.

In anglers of professionals there is the concept of a "test blank" - represents maximum allowable weight of loading for the rod. In Agros includes not only the weight of the sinkers, but add strain relief at the flow and the "overload" at the time of casting rods.

Also share the rod at the plug (when you insert one tribe to another) and telescopic.

Equally important is the material of the rod, the main material for the manufacture of fishing rods is fiberglass and a special composite material. Carbon fiber is a more rigid and lightweight material, but more fragile. Fiberglass is considered to be heavier but he is much stronger. In the manufacture of rods of the same type and class, fiberglass, mostly, cheaper. Not the last importance is the structure form. To determine it we need to completely separate the rod and roughly shake him. If you hold "fast" then the oscillations are at the top of the knees. Have parabolics bend "spread out" around form. The smaller amplitude and the faster decay of the oscillations – the higher quality the rod is considered. Good quality Stroy always involves a balance of the rod. It is very important that the center of weight of the rod coincides with the place where you keep it when fishing.

Bottom fishing rods are:

  • Feeder rods;
  • Carp;
  • For fishing on the classic trout line;
  • Side.

Feeder rod is basically a three-plug form and a set of interchangeable tips. Fishing rods are divided into several classes: "heavy", "extra heavy", "medium", "light". Depending on the speed of the water flow.

Applied range of the limit weight is very relative and differs significantly from the manufacturer, as each manufacturer has their own scale. There is a certain caste of fishermen that catches "the light" (standing water) in the flowing river. How to cook is a matter of taste, and rather introduces some sharpness when luring fish. Carp rods are designed primarily for catching large fish . Not necessarily carp, it may be, for example, catfish. In our stores, such rods are presented in rigid forms mainly with the roller on the tip.

For the classic donkey rods are less powerful than the previous rod.

To the same class are and with a nod side of the rod. They are shorter, provide an easy way to fish from a boat. The average length is 1.5-2 meters.