How to choose rubber bait for fishing

Bait made of silicone

Rubber lures are available with hooks. Hooks are used as cast with a jig head and offset. Doubles and tees are rarely used. Rubber lures are affordable in comparison with crankbaits or lures. In our market the first silicone lure appeared relatively recently. Share silicone bait on vibrohvosta, twisters and worms, as well as to a single category of imitators of crawfish, frogs, bugs, etc.

Rubber bait species vibrohvost

The nickle on the tail of the gum that imitates a small fish, imparts vibration to the bait. If the transaction will be uniform, successful fishing is guaranteed, although the direct appointment of a shad is jig fishing. Soft rubber on a slow fall gives the desired bite. Especially good bait for winter fishing. However soft rubber for such bait is not always justified. At great depths, more than justified the lure of hard rubber. It is considered that the optimal shape for the shape of a shad is a fish. However, such a conclusion is not undisputed. The bait can simulate any barrel with a tail that moves in different planes.

An important characteristic of a shad is the vibration frequency and the size of the blade. The vibration frequency is in direct proportion to the size of the tail and its angle of inclination. A right angle with a slow transaction will give a stable vibration. If the tail is positioned at a lower angle, it will take an aggressive transaction, such as a bait good for fishing with large current.

Bait twisters

The main use of bait is fishing in the coastal zone. Instead of a penny this rubber lure has a twisted "pig tail". Vibrohvost and twisters are very popular with anglers. Regarding the Twister. Not to say that it's a rubber bait like two drops of water similar to a fish, but it is no less efficient than vibrohvost. Methods of fishing for Twister and vibrohvosta roughly similar.

Rubber worms

The bait is not active, has a greater length. Worms of small size will bring a suitable catch, so don't be afraid of the lure with a length of several tens of centimeters. There is a misconception that the bait is not too efficient. If you use a slow drawing with small steps, it is possible to catch record copy!

Rubber simulators frogs, crustaceans, crayfish and other animals

Fishing is a continuous experiment. Don't be lazy, try catching silicone frog or crustacean. For reviews of experienced anglers bait is good, though passive. Fish is willing to go to these simulators. Rubber frogs are used for surface fishing. Hook-double arranged in such a way that its sting located along the body of the lure. This design is used for fishing in the wetlands. The probability of snagging of the lure by water lilies minimal. Leave the algae a frog would be impossible.

Imitators of crayfish and crayfish used for bottom fishing. This bait has one drawback. Fish when the bite bites claws or antennae. When they twitch and jerk off. That's why here smooth transaction with small breakthroughs and small steps.