How to purposefully catch the fish

Among all the fish that can be caught on spinning tackle, Chub stands out. It is hardly possible to find a fisherman who once would not have seen dramatic exits for a trifle. A second ago the surface water was smooth and sparkled millions sunbeams, and the next moment a sharp blow breaks the silence, followed by a violent outburst, as a rule, accompanied by a spectacular flip. How much can you resist, you will remain indifferent! The angler immediately enough spinning and trying to catch the Corsair, but in vain! Sarasper, as it was called it Sabaneev, very cautious and cunning – with a swoop will not be caught!

Habitats ASP

For those anglers who are seriously tuned in to catch the fish, you should carefully examine the potential habitat of this fish. First of all, remember that Chub – river inhabitant. It is found in ponds connected with the river or in rivers or in various oxbow lakes, lagoons and quarries directly United with the river.

Favorite places of its habitat are calm areas characterized by slow, smooth flow, directly bordering the main stream. These are all kinds of holes located on the turn, the bend of the river and in the vicinity of the shoals, areas separated from the main stream of various headlands and sand spits. The secret to this places lies in the fact that they prefer bleak – the main feed ASP. As you know, where "flock" is there and "the shepherd.

Masking first!

Not one should think that the ASP – the fish, the number of bites which directly proportional to the number of casts. Experienced greatnice are more with the waiting for the release of the predator, rather than aimlessly "caress" the bait in the water. Per hour can happen 2 or three outputs, and that's the number of casts will make the angler. And almost all of them will be productive!

It due to high suspicion ASP you should not sit on the beach like on the beach. To choose to catch the ones places that will provide the angler the maximum masking – high grass, shrubs, trees, steep Bank will save the angler from being detected by ASP. You should move slowly and carefully, in advance counting every step. And, of course, the ultimate silence during fishing! No knocking, noise and loud sounds – once is enough to spook the fish, their behavior – all the hours of waiting will be negated.

PrimAnki for catching ASP

Call specific lures and peremptorily to declare their sverkhprovodimosti – it ungrateful. To catch a Chub on a variety of spinning lures. Was to catch this fish, even from the bottom while jig fishing. And yet, the most catchability baits are small rotating and oscillating spinner Devon and castmaster, and of course lures. The shape of the bait should be stretched – the greater the similarity with the bleak – the better for the angler. Size bait special value does not play, trophy Chub may have the same probability of to rush as on a small "chopper" and 13 inch lure.

Tactics for catching Chub

Catching fish is a lesson for the patient. Finding a promising place, angler collects the tackle and proceeds to close scrutiny of it. If geriaction, he manifests himself quickly enough not to notice the impact of feeding the fish impossible. Casting lures to the place of attack must be immediate reaction to it – it is now catching feeding the fish most likely. Another method, with similar principles practiced by the fishermen who prefer lures. Angler is an excellent location, located upstream of the river, and alloy to the point of hunting the fish floating a Wobbler. Then begins the waiting, the lure is almost at the same place, moving back and forth for a short distance. At some point, the predator sees him –and even then, just hold on!