How to choose tackle for carp fishing

Good fishing is always fun, helps to calm the nerves and relax, and enjoy the catch. It is recommended to choose the right gear. Of course, it is also important to know the basics of fishing, because without specific knowledge and experience of fish to simply "go away", leaving behind bad memories, the bitterness of disappointment.

Fishing actually

Tackles are part of fishing equipment. Their level usually depends the success of the fishing. Hooks and fishing line, rods, and weights, floats and bait – these points must be given special attention. However, note that the successful instrument of the angler should be as compact and convenient, and rather easy, maneuverable.

The rod usually pick up in 12 feet, with an average load of 3 lb. The material of the rod must be given cursory attention, as the professional will be able to catch successfully even with regular sticks. The number of rods is chosen individually, based on the capabilities (experience, savvy, response) fisherman. Usually take about four rods, although there are masters and seven rods.

The coil should be oriented to catch carp. You can buy products Shimano or Teak, depending on budget. From the width of the spool will depend on the casting distance, and the number of bearings is generally equal to five.

Japanese fishing line of choice when fishing for carp. This product is durable, a good solution is fishing line 12Lb (suitable for almost any fishing conditions). If the place mainly with driftwood and other obstacles, you can use a shock leader. It is made from fishing line, braided wire.

A common mount is a single stick with a thread indicator. Of course, you can give preference to the rod pod, but in this case, choosing it will be quite difficult.

Detectors are used by many. In their selection should pay attention to the reliability and water resistance, the type of vocalizations and the presence of transmitters, indicator lights, and other features that make it easier to catch.

The landing net is recommended to choose a light, spacious. The mesh should be deep enough, the cell should be of medium size, and importantly having a removable mustache.

Slingshot recede into the background, behind the sticks – metalok. They are especially needed on the competition for catching carp. In addition, it is important to have a planting needle, high-quality hooks with dog leashes, handles and lights.

The right choice

Fish almost always and everywhere, but that doesn't mean you have to run headlong into the store and purchase the best accessories. At the same time, it is not recommended to save money by choosing the cheapest products, which will cause inconvenience, will not enjoy fishing to the fullest. First and foremost, pay attention to:

  • the line and the load;
  • the hook and the nozzle;
  • types of bait.

Of course, it goes the rod should also be comfortable, because it will depend on the outcome of fishing. Correctly calculating the budget, it is possible for a relatively small amount to buy a standing tackle for carp fishing in a certain season.