How to choose a spinning reel for a beginner?

Going fishing for a predatory fish for the first time a novice angler walks into the store, to among other sets to choose and buy your first spinning. Looking at the whole premise of the rods in the racks, it may seem that to choose the right spinning by yourself is simply impossible. Of course, you can resort to the most simple variant – to go to a consultant who will gather the necessary fishing set. However, it should be understood that any fishing shop is interested in profit, and on the advice of the seller is not always the beginner will get the best price and the required characteristics of the product.

So we decided to offer some advice to novice anglers how to choose spinning for successful fishing. In fact, the process of acquiring a spinning reel should begin before You visit the fishing shop. For this you need to decide where and in what conditions You are going to catch on your first spinning. Here the options can be many. On the river or lake, a reservoir size, from the shore or from a boat at great depths or shallow water, predatory fish which can be caught, etc may happen that You have no idea where the first catch on the new "wand". However, the more information you have, the easier will be the selection of the appropriate gear.

So, for example, necessary information is collected and there is an idea of where and how You will catch. The next step will be the selection of the correct parameters of the rod. The core of all three: length, power and build. Information on parameters of fishing rods on the Internet very much. We will describe each of the settings briefly, only to create an understanding of how to choose one or the other tackle.

Length. Universal length of the spinning is usually considered in the range of from 2.1 to 2.7 m. Fishing rods of this range as possible from boats and from the shore as on small rivers and ponds, and casts long distances. The range of baits are also a variety of spinners, jigs, wobblers, etc.

The power of the rod is characterized by the test which indicates the weight used when casting lures. You need to make a choice, will your gun be used for casting, for example, only heavy jigs or kalabalak on a large predator, or you can use lighter lures. It should be remembered that the use of the bait heavier than the specified test may cause breakage of the rodand the lures easier for this weight range you simply will not be able to throw. If you put the task to learn to successfully catch a spinning, it is recommended to stop the choice on rods, class Light and Medium in the test range from 5 to 35 grams. In this group there is a universal fishing-rod for the application of different lures with the exception of the smallest sizes of spinners, wobblers and Microdrive.

An important parameter of the spinning rod is his Stroycharacterizing the degree of bending of the rod under load when casting and lure control. Fast action rods bend in the top part, and slow, on the contrary, are bent from the base of the whip. Intermediate Stroy called the middle. If You are stopped for a certain type of fishing, for example, only jig, then we can recommend to start with the spinning rods medium action. With such tackle you can easily and accurately learn to throw a bait, and when playing a fish it would be better to stay on the hook. Also important advantage of choosing a fishing rod with medium action is its more affordable price compared to specialized fishing rods fast and slow down.

Having defined the parameters of your spinning, can begin to compare models from different brands. If You are the middle price threshold, then attention should be paid to the rod Korean, Chinese and Russian production. Products from Japan and the United States, as a rule, much more expensive.

Final selection criteria will be the convenience of a handle, appearance, quality fittings and other stuff. After You assess all the options that hold each of the selected rod in his hands. Feels understand which model is for You personally the most attractive to make the correct choice to ensure success.

In conclusion, the topic of the choice of a spinning it is necessary to mention particular cases of its possible use. Sometimes you need to transport a spinning reel in a bag, suitcase or backpack. For such situations the only option would be to purchase a telescopic spinning rod. "Telescope" is also useful when fishing from the banks, overgrown with dense shrub in which the plug spinning can easily be damaged.

Studying the various ways of catching on a spinning, over time, Your Arsenal of fishing rods will continue to grow with new models for different conditions. Collection of the author consists of five popular models, among which the most often used two. The first one is used for fishing on microgy and jig and has a number of attractive qualities. This model under the name of Tioga from the manufacturer Salmo broken in for two seasons on the rivers with slow current and lakes. Seven feet length fully satisfy my requirements to the size of the rod. Short handle allows you to work freely with a brush, due to the sensitivity to continuously improve the accuracy of the cast and control wiring. Rod is equipped with monolithic tip that allows you to use a minimum weight of baits and use a variety of animation. Lure Tioga is in the range from 0.5 to 5 g. according to the manufacturer fast action rods, still not quite right. It is more correct to characterize it as medium-fast. In fact, the changes brought to the model such advantages as improved distance casting of light lures and the decrease in the number of gatherings of fish. Configuration of clutch coil Tioga does not require super accurate debugging, in contrast to the fast ultralajtovogo models. It's possible that my fascination with ultralight connected with the possession of high-quality, comfortable in all respects by the spinning. Another rod which was chosen from many similar characteristics of the models released by Aiko. Model name Arsenal (ARS892M). The rod uses the third season for fishing on the Northern Dvina river. The main advantage of this model, in my opinion, is the unprecedented sensitivity of the blank. All the finer nuances of the wiring jig at long distances perfectly felt and transmitted to the hand. Fast action, lightness combined with excellent poilitely deliver incomparable pleasure when you work with a lure, hooking and playing a fish. On account of my "Arsenal" a few decent perch and a lot of different sizes of pike. Waiting for the opening of the jig season in the North, to check out new places with favorite gear.

For a beginner it is important to understand what the minimal set necessary to catch a predator? First of all we choose the rod.