Jigging and twitching in one (Review Asgard Jig)

 This spring I managed to acquire a spinning Asgard Jig 742L from the company AIKO. My choice was not accidental, needs fishing clearly point to the fact that
jig in a light weight and valerna fishing could not be better fit my different fishing conditions. When visiting a loved one the river, I knew that in the morning and afternoon, I can hunt for the toothy predator, the pike in this reservoir is not predictable and can bite on a jig in the morning, but by noon it will be completely ignored and the priority will move in the direction of ticinovic minesec and sedikov.

I used to carry a spinning reel for fishing twitching. But he he was a good catch under dash wiring and did not suit me at used with jig lures, he lacked length, and sensitivity was moderate.

With Asgard Jig the story changes radically, the model I used optimum for my needs, long spinning rod 224 cm, the test on baits 3-14 oz., as jig catch me in weight on average from 6 to 12 oz., and crankbaits tweet size to 90 mm, such a long test and I fit perfectly. I liked the Asgard(Asgard) , so it's balanced, correctly picking up the coil I have achieved the perfect balance so the gear was comfortable to work for long time.

More particularly I would like to mention weight, despite the fact that the butt at first glance it seems thick but this is only at first glance. In Java all the way, spinning an interesting point that it is very sonorous and easy, due to the powerful butt achieved a good power component, which helps after a take to force the issue and pull out the pike, even from dense thickets of grass, where she'll certainly try to escape , being already on the hook.

If about jig it all became clear already at potrage rods, the cranks initially still had doubts. When catching the same walleye, and my river is full, and he regularly robs after sunset, I do not doubt, all the same, he prefers a uniform wiring of the crank to the right horizon with a certain predetermined speed of the winding mechanism.

But whether cope Asgard with twitching of wobblers to 90mm, I don't know why it and it was decided to go and check everything.

On the river I came slowly as autumn days come with it for the day's fishing, and the fish moves its stern watch with dawn is getting closer and closer to noon.

On the river right, no wind, weather is about +8 , yellow leaves rustle under my feet and fall on the water surface.

I disassembled the gear, strapped the leash and put time-tested valleron AikoHumpy 80 Sp, make your first casts, all cool, normal flight, ticide just fine, despite the length 224 cm, do not interfere and plus allows to trace all sorts of river driftwood confident maneuvering tackle.

After a little experimentation, I fully relaxed, as was verified by the health gear on the twitch, it is now possible to fish in the pleasure.

Here is the first bite of toothy't have to wait long, beads TUK after spurt and pause, and valleron in the mouth, vyvazhivaete, the sensitivity is simply amazing, I feel as pike shakes his head and all of her ideas read in advance. Boost and the first pound beauty on land .

After the change of place and short experiments with Colella, jig baits, I turn again to the twitching, because the first bite occurred on the Wobbler.

But poklevok no, plucked a box of lures and stumble upon valleron Watson in the colors under the silver crucian, so I think we need to try next.

Flies well, the magnetic system inside the lure worked, and the cast turned out in taticek near sticking out of the water a snag ...the twitch and kick, doing a sweeping kick and Asgard to laugh but pulls the pike out of her hiding place, with the correct agrogas along the entire length, in order to avoid gathering fish.

Here using the second toothed carefully removed Wobbler and released in their native element.

Summing up , realized that he had found the working, versatile and reliable gear, without which I had to carry at least 2 rods, same reels.

Now fishing has become more comfortable, and Asgard continues to pay for itself and cope perfectly well with their work tasks.