The company ARTINUS was created "by anglers for anglers" in 2008 in Korea. With its stylish design and modern high-tech materials the company's products just a few years became the leader of the Asian market and then has received recognition around the world. The company's founder – known in South Korea, the fisherman, sportsman and host of the popular television programs about fishing Mr. Park in the midst of financial crisis decided to create the production of exclusive clothes for fishing the most demanding category of customers. To create clothing brand ARTINUS was attracted by the best designers and specialists in high-tech materials. In the development of tailoring and its testing was attended personally by Mr. Park and other recreational practices. This allowed us to create clothing that one side has a distinct style, and the functionality and convenience.

Design clothes ARTINUS was designed in such a way that the clothes were comfortable and look appropriate in any situation – and fishing, and in the urban environment. Special cut of clothes, taking into account the anatomical characteristics of a person, makes her comfortable in the dynamics and in statics, and the use of innovative technologies guarantees the durability, functionality and protection from environmental effects – rain, snow, wind, sun.

ARTINUS is a universal brand that does not have a gender preference.

ARTINUS feel comfortable both men and women.

The company produces a full line of clothing for fishing and recreation, including suits, jackets, underwear, hoodies, shirts, pants, gloves, hats, etc.

Among the most interesting product lines ARTINUS – suits "skin", whose properties allow you to wear them in the temperature range from – 28 to + 15 C.

In the production of clothing ARTINUS used a few dozen of exclusive patented technologies, among which:

  • coating is Teflon with a water-repellent and petrosystem properties, due to which the garment does not require washing;
  • "breathable" membrane TO2-TEX, which has excellent waterproof properties and breathability;
  • materials with antibacterial impregnation ATB – 100, providing clothing great hygienic properties and prevents unpleasant odours;
  • special technology of drawing of drawings and logos that exclude them from fading and abrasion.

Using the accumulated experience and advanced production technology, the company ARTINUS optimistic about the future, increasing production volumes and conquering more and more customers in different countries of the world. Today ARTINUS is a well – recognized brand associated with high quality, innovation and trendsetting clothing for active leisure and fishing.