Aiko DIXI budget and COOL!

All the best! Arriving at the next fishing, purposefully postponed sweets in the form of Tirrel and Jannjet pigeonholed, and today my spinning 210UL AIKO DIXI is with the test from 2 to 9 grams.Do not argue, the tackle is very simple, but at the same time concise, with no overload of tinsel and glitter, but all performance are in sight, and not hidden behind a complex body kit and a screaming name.

Head weight 2 g+ bait 1.5" elongated, cord 4 wires with a gap of 2 kg.
Casting distance: up to 20 meters.
Sensitivity: imputed bite was not fixed to only one of the three.
Further such aspect, the higher the load the more confident and louder, while flying farther and more accurately, but to bend is not, in a jig I have identified 8 gr+ 2" bait. But here IMHO. I will not argue.
The result: a jig you can catch very confident, but do not play with the upper and lower ranks, all the juice in the middle of the test and where the juice is natural! Beauty on a jig with 4 Gy and 8 Gy.

Aiko ROOST krenk classic shapes weight: 3.7 g size 38 mm - flies great, accurate casting, with this weight you can safely run oblomkami and have fun.
Aiko Booty minocha tichawa , weight 4,4 g, size 70 mm, what the doctor ordered, and Huck 20+ feet, good control, work great! Ticide with a Bang, as the weight close to the middle of the test.
Aiko Watson Sedik with high body and medium poristoi shovel, weight 8 grams, size 70mm - flies over 25 meters for sure! Ticide without tension, but personal feelings say that this is a reasonable maximum for DIXI 210UL, another gram and a half and go peregruzka!
Aiko Zig Zag 86 - the longest in the test line of crankbaits, but it was so interesting, size 86, and a weight of only 6.5 grams, so that the first transactions showed solid performance and animation with this voblenko, not a hint of Overdrive, just short honey! Fishing enthusiasts not a large pike should be enthusiastic for Dixi and Zig Zag one field of cucumbers!

Then the weather started deteriorating and the perch went for a walk to the bed, and to makagiga would not get it, and he cranks it today still not interested in, it's too early for this place.

Came good idea to break in DIXI on Carolina and branch snap-ins.
No sooner said than done.
Built the Moscow snap-in, and sent her walk along the track.

Weight weight 5 grams, normal flight, well reads all the irregularities and peculiarities of the bottom.
Weight 6,5 gr - radar even better, cast noticeable in the 40 meters, everything is fine.
Weight 9 grams - perhaps a limit, but I safely caught and got the buzz like from the cast, which goes for 45 meters, and from all harmony lightweight and comfortable gear.


The interim results , the tackle is very simple, available for the budget angler , meets all the tasks on 5 screenshots, of course you won't find pomp and cosmic design label FUJI on the part of the rings, but is it looking for from a work horse for reasonable money??? More than sure that there is. Looking for a balance of price and quality, in this DIXI with a vengeance.