Spinning Shimano Catana CX Super Sensitive 270 ML (SCATCX27MLS)

Model: Catana CX Super Sensitive
Code: 1217-764
Спиннинг Shimano Catana CX Super Sensitive 270 ML


  • 3 - 15
  • 3 - 15
  • 5 - 20
  • 5 - 20
  • 7 - 28
  • 7 - 28
Hard, with a large power margin and increased sensitivity of the rod for a reasonable for the average angler price.
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3 - 15
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
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Catana CX Super Sensitive

The developers of spinning rods the CATANA series has taken care of that the angler can fish with maximum comfort, and to be 100% sure that my favorite "wand" will not fail in the crucial moment of the fight with the fish. In the spinnings of this series used the Geofibre material. Its implementation made it possible to produce hard, with plenty of power for a reasonable rod for the average angler price. Increased sensitivity also contributes to the design of the handle. In the front there is a notch that drew a blank. I must say that this is a rather unusual solution. Finger rests perfectly in the recess, and you feel the slightest change in the wiring with the bite, the bait touch the bottom. Vibraspot, called it the know-how of the developers, a great alternative to the expensive braided fishing line. With conventional monofilament you will have the same sensitive tackle, as if you used a network with other rods without Vibraspot. If you catch the cord, using a spinning CATANA , the feeling is just impossible to describe, so vividly conveys all of what is happening under water in the arm. The spinning of the considered series have a complex structure form. In the process the fight with the fish load is distributed evenly from tip to butt. The angler has a chance to get to the beach a rather large fish.

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Spinning Shimano Catana CX Super Sensitive 240 MLSCATCX24MLS-
Spinning Shimano Catana CX Super Sensitive 270 MSCATCX27MS€53.75Preorder
Spinning Shimano Catana CX Super Sensitive 270 MLSCATCX27MLS€51.07Preorder
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Spinning Shimano Catana CX Super Sensitive 270 MHSCATCX27MHS-
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