Thermo Arctic (0.2 l), non-vacuum, marsh (marsh 802-200)

Model: 802-200
Code: 2000-8483
Термокружка Арктика (0,2 л.), невакуумная, болотный
Термокружка Арктика (0,2 л.), невакуумная, болотный
Термокружка Арктика (0,2 л.), невакуумная, болотный


  • Marsh
  • Red
  • Blue

The volume: 0.2

The size of the neck
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Main characteristics
The size of the neck
Country of origin
Russia, China
Description All good multitool, especially if it's a travel mug Arctic. Because it is made from durable, hardy stainless steel grade 18/8. It will not become a victim of an accidental fall on the floor, littered it with debris. Thermo is provided with double walls, between them is air, which is a reliable insulator. This design will protect hands from burns, and the drink from cooling. Arctic insulated cups are ideal for everyday use at home, at the cottage, at work – anywhere where held in high esteem aromatic hot drinks. Speaking about the merits of the mugs, we should not forget its price: the company the Arctic is in Russia and manufactures products that meet the highest quality standards, but making it accessible to all.

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Thermo Arctic (0.2 l), non-vacuum, marsh
Термокружка Арктика (0,2 л.), невакуумная, болотный
802-200 болотная-
Thermo Arctic (0.2 l), non-vacuum, red
Термокружка Арктика (0,2 л.), невакуумная, красный
802-200 красная-
Thermo Arctic (0.2 l), non-vacuum, blue
Термокружка Арктика (0,2 л.), невакуумная, синий
802-200 синяя-
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