Discounts on costumes Artinus!

An unprecedented event in our online shop! Hurry up to buy unique goods from the company Artinus the best holiday prices!

The campaign will last from 20 February to 26 February!

The action involves the following model: AUJ-300, AR-915, AR-921, AR-923, AR-930, AR-931, AR-932, AR-940, AR-941, AR-960, AR-961, AUJ-310, AUJ-322, AUJ-324, AUJ-326, AUJ-330.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The promotion is valid for orders placed in the period from 20.02.2018 for 26.02.2018, inclusive.
  2. The promotion is valid only on items IN STOCK.
  3. Discounts on products participating in the promotion, a designated site for a special sticker.
  4. On promotional items does not apply the action on the free shipping.
  5. The promotion is valid only for retail customers.
  6. When participating in this promotion Gift card not working!
  7. When you pay the promotional products account, when the invoice must be paid within 3 working days. Further, the invoice and the order will be cancelled.
  8. Special discounts are not cumulative with other current offers, promotions or discounts.