When you purchase any 4 lures 5-I'm the bait!

When you purchase any 4 lures 5-I'm the bait, that is, 2+2=5, contrary to all the rules of arithmetic. What we can offer:

crankbaits , spinners , silicone .

The campaign will last until Friday (22.09.2017), inclusive.

Terms and conditions:


  1. The promotion is valid for orders placed from 20 to 22 September 2017, inclusive.
  2. To participate in this promotion must be purchased in our store 4 any bait.
  3. Gift the bait You choose for yourself. Gift bait - bait for the lowest price.
  1. * the promotion is valid only for retail customers.
  2. * the participation in this promotion Gift card not working!
  3. * you can use bonuses.
  4. * this promotion can not be combined with discounts or other promotions.
  5. * if you pay the promotional products account, when the invoice must be paid within 3 working days. Further, the invoice and the order will be cancelled.