The cover for the coil!

In the period from 13 March to 20 March 2018 we give You a convenient and practical accessory from the company IdeaFisher!

When buying in our store coils of any brand costing not less than 3000 rubles as a gift You get one of two cases: Hard case for 1 coil or Hard case for a single coil MINI. What You will get depends on the size of the acquired coil!

Terms and conditions:

  1. The promotion is valid for orders placed in the period from 13.03.2018 for 20.03.2018, inclusive.
  2. The promotion is valid only on items in stock.
  3. Discounts on products participating in the promotion, a designated site for a special sticker.
  4. When participating in this promotion Gift card not working!
  5. When you pay the promotional products account, when the invoice must be paid within 3 working days. Further, the invoice and the order will be cancelled.
  6. Special discounts are not cumulative with other current offers, promotions or discounts.