Any purchase is more valuable if it is attached to a gift!

In our store now is action - when buying spinning choose as a gift any Wobbler JACKALL. And what Wobbler as a gift, You decide.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The promotion is valid for orders placed during the period 16.03.2017 by 31.03.2017.
  2. To participate in this promotion must be purchased in our store any spinning AIKO. Number of gift crankbaits depends on Your spinning.
  3. 1 Wobbler, if it is spinning series budget: Butch, Ranger , Diestro 2, Espada, Harpija, Nervus, Shooter , Bellis, Dixi, Troutex, Cyclone, 2 Lanzar.
  4. 2 of the crank, if it is spinning series prestige: Freyja, Margarita 2, JerkHunter 2, Arsenal, Asgard, Predator, Realizer, ReSSens, Valkyrja, Jannjeta, Tirrel, Tirrel 2, Belle, Baltazar 2, Asgard, Mad Zander, Salmon&Grand Pike.
  5. Gift lures You choose yourself.
  6. The promotion is valid only for retail customers.
  7. When participating in this promotion Gift card not working!
  8. When you pay the promotional products account, when the invoice must be paid within 3 working days. Further, the invoice and the order will be cancelled.
  9. Partial cancellation of full order refund or exchange any Goods from the order shall be subject to the return of gift, issued together with this Product. The gift should be returned with preservation presentation (unused, in the original packaging with the relevant tags).