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Удилище Aiko Greenwood BOLO 400

Rod line Jackson Greenwood BOLO made of high modulus Carbon material premium. Thanks to this the rod is light , very durable, keeps your claimed system, i.e. does not SAG under its own weight, and makes it comfortable to catch for a long time.Greenwood Bolognese rod designed for fishing the middle of white fish, in stagnant water, and for fishing in the wiring on the rivers. Tackle requires additional equipment or regular spinning clearomizer coil for maximum comfort fishing.

Price €27.86
  • Length, cm 400
Удилище Aiko WATER PRO 902LBF

Fishing-rod Aiko PRO WATER 902LBF

Price €48.36
  • Length, cm 273
  • Weight, g 130
  • Test, g 40
Спиннинг Shimano Catana DX 210 ML

A new series of fishing-rods Catana Spinning is made on the forms XT30/40+Geo Fibre and has now become even better.

Price €33.14
  • Length, cm 210
  • Weight, g 124
  • Test, g 7 - 21
Спиннинг Shimano Alivio DX 240 M

New Alivio DX Spinning rod is thinner and faster.

Price €27.62
  • Length, cm 240
  • Weight, g 184
  • Test, g 7 - 21
Спиннинг Shimano Alivio DX Spinning 240 UL

Rod Alivio DX Spinning with its progressive form ХТ30 is thinner and faster. It is equipped with guiding rings Shimano Hard Lite that work well with both monofilament and braided fishing line. The rod is decorated with cork handles and beautiful cosmetics, color juxtaposed with reels Alivio. A broad range of rods suitable for almost all individual and local requirements.

Price €26.39
  • Length, cm 240
  • Weight, g 167
  • Test, g 2 - 10
Спиннинг ZEMEX Bass Addiction Casting Rod 213 5-25g

This model ZEMEX Bass Addiction can be used not only for catching rynkovyi techniques.

Price €94.57
  • Length, cm 213
  • Weight, g 131
  • Test, g 5 - 25
Спиннинг ZEMEX Bass Addiction Spinning Rod 198 4-14g

As all fishing-rods of series ZEMEX Bass Addiction this model is designed for catching predatory fish on crankbaits.

Price €79.75
  • Length, cm 198
  • Weight, g 115
  • Test, g 4 - 14

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