Apex Aiko Troutex 173UL, the test is 0.4-4

Model: Troutex
Code: 115-411
Вершинка Aiko Troutex 173UL, тест 0.4-4


  • 173
  • 180
  • 199

Power: UL

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Main characteristics

If the apex trout spinning rod broke

Holders excellent Sennikov Aiko Troutex always very attentive to trout fishing. Stumbled on stones easy to break high-quality tackle. Often the tip Aiko Troutex breaks during transportation. Such failure usually means the need to purchase expensive spinning, even a minor repair greatly reduces the technical characteristics of the gear. But the problem will not affect the angler, if he uses the spinning Aiko Troutex. South Korean company Aiko implements the program complete their wonderful spinning spare tips available on the market. Buy the top section of two-section spinning rod cheaper than spending money on all the gear. This advantage adds to the popularity of the brand Aiko. Don't forget about it when the tip Aiko Troutex breaks on your favorite spinning and affordable cost gear brand Aiko will cost you less.

A new section of a spinning better than the old

No doubt, the new apex Aiko Troutex not worse. Both the tip came off the same Assembly line and share common characteristics, structure, material form, bundle accessories:

  • The form of the tip of graphite IM7. Its excellent quality has given the tip with a fast system, sensitivity, our ability far to the lure.
  • On the form the top section installed protivopolozhnye rings, shell rings of SIC. Smooth and solid surface carbide-silicon ensures durability of braided lines and casting distance of the lure.

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Apex Aiko Troutex 173UL, the test is 0.4-4-
Apex Aiko Troutex 180UL, the test is 0.5-5-
Apex Aiko Troutex 199UL test 0.6-6-
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Roman Baths 25.01.2020
Hello. Need a tip Troutex 199UL test 0.6-6. Is it possible to buy from you?
Team AikoStore 27.01.2020
Hello, Roman! Yes, we have in selling the apex on TRO 199UL. Please contact us by phone or email to order.
Egor 02.10.2019
And when it will be possible to buy this tip? When will it be available?
Team AikoStore 05.12.2018
Hello, Alexander! At the moment this is the top of it is not available.
Team AikoStore 22.11.2018
Ilia, good day! Spare edges are supplied without plastic tubes. In stock at the moment so the top is unfortunately not
Ilya 21.11.2018
Hello. And when you order the top, it comes in a plastic tube, as well as when buying spinning? And whether they're in stock? Thank you in advance.
Alexander 22.10.2018
And you have the top on trautex0.6-6
Sergey Vlasov 12.05.2014
A suitable tip Troutex 173UL test 0.4-4 to the bottom of the knee from Troutex 199UL test 0.6-6?
Team AikoStore 14.05.2014
Sergey, good day! The experience will not work. To use such a hybrid would be impossible.

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