The tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II 230L, test 3-16

Model: Lanzar II
Code: 115-461
Вершинка Aiko Lanzar II 230L, тест 3-16


  • 230 / L
  • 240 / M
  • 260 / M
  • 270 / MH
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Main characteristics
Lanzar II

An effective solution to a common problem

Statistics, often occurring breakdowns spinning gear, forcing anglers need to contact with the upper sections of the rods. The carbon tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II, considerably superior fiberglass, unlike the latter fragile and requires careful handling. Awkward kick, concentrated push, wrong laying in the road the baggage - section breaks down quickly and suddenly. Spinning, accustomed to the entertainment possibilities of universal gear, long-range flights of lures and sensitive registration careful of bites can restore the old Lanzar II. Brand Aiko offers a budget solution. For each model series, the company made a new tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II - full replacement of the broken part of the gear.

You will not feel the slightest difference

Lanzar II - universal tackle. Crankbaits, spinners, jig baits can be used by the owner of this spinning, because the tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II is designed and manufactured on spec. technology of carbon fiber, equipped with quality fittings. Therefore, taking advantage of the offer Aiko and replacing the broken item, the angler will not feel even the slightest difference, because its made from the same carbon, and components:

  • The form of top quality IM6 carbon composition.
  • The ring material is silicon carbide. Rings SIC demonstrating the quality, save wear braided, increase the length of the casting.

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The tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II 230L, test 3-16-
The tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II 240M, test, 4-28-
The tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II 260M, test 5-32-
The tip of the rod Aiko Lanzar II 270МН test 8-42-
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