Apex Aiko Harpija 242ML test 4-24

Model: Harpija
Code: 115-493
Вершинка Aiko Harpija 242ML, тест 4-24


  • 242 / ML
  • 244 / MH
  • 248 / M
  • 252 / H
  • 267 / MH
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Main characteristics

Apex Blanca in jigge - the most critical detail

Diggavi versed in the technique of catching the spinning meticulously selected tackle and value the properties of the upper part of the spinning. But if the top section of the spinning Aiko Harpija was broken, don't throw the spinning. The conversation is not about the method of recovery spinning tips. After makeshift repairs, the spinning will lose some of its excellent features - will not be so light sensitive, you will lose opportunities long cast. Brand Aiko is known for quality and spinning rods budget prices, addressed to a wide circle of spinning, reduces the cost of anglers. For spinning enthusiasts have been unable to maintain tackle company megabass offers the perfect solution. For the one I broke the top of it, a Japanese company proposes a new top section on spinning Aiko Harpija. Restore kit Blanca gear and forget about the unfortunate crash.

A standard copy of your tip from the manufacturer

The manufacturer began the production of spare tips for each model spinning Harpija. Test bait and load (test fishing line), the length of the tip on spinning Aiko Harpija have the same damaged, and they have United for a series of materials, fittings and design:

  • Sensitive and easy to completion of the spinning is made from karbona IM8.
  • The best solution crossing rings are rings: SiC. Both gulls silicon carbide cope with the abrasive effects of the basket by providing the opportunity for the long flight to the lure.

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Apex Aiko Harpija 242ML test 4-24-
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Apex Aiko Harpija 248M, test 12-34-
Apex Aiko Harpija 252H, test 20-56-
Apex Aiko Harpija 267MH test 14-40-
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