Apex Aiko Espada 246M, 7-36 test

Model: Espada
Code: 115-453
Вершинка Aiko Espada 246M, тест 7-36


  • 232 / L
  • 240 / ML
  • 246 / M
  • 248 / MH
  • 273 / MH
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Apex Aiko Espada 232L, test 3-18-
Apex Aiko Espada 240ML, test 5-25-
Apex Aiko Espada 246M, 7-36 test-
Apex Aiko Espada 248МН test 8-48-
Apex Aiko Espada 273МН test 10-48-
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Edward 18.10.2015
And you can pick up the tip , for spinning another company. At the junction of 6.5 mm
Team AikoStore 20.10.2015
Good day! Perhaps, but only after the fact by trying different options.
Vitaly Petrov 21.05.2015
I have Espada 248 8-48. suitable-whether the tip from 273 10-48
Team AikoStore 21.05.2015
Good afternoon, Vitaly! Unfortunately no, there are different diameter.
Alexander 29.11.2014
how to pre-order on the tip Espada 240cm тест5-25g
Team AikoStore 01.12.2014
You can either call us, or send an email zakaz@aikostore.ru. And pre-order.
Andrey Ivanov 23.11.2014
will be on sale apex Espada 246м. With respect. Andrew.
Team AikoStore 24.11.2014
Andrew, it is difficult to say, it's not in stock in the warehouse in Russia. You can pre-order and as soon as it goes from Korea to our warehouse, we will contact You.

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