Spinning 3 meters

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Спиннинг Shimano ASPIRE CX SPINN 300 ML

The Shimano ASPIRE CX spinning 300 ML SPINN is the flagship segment of the rods of the Japanese company. ASPIRE CX it's kind of a continuation of a series of rods BX, but the differences are very significant. During the development special attention was paid to increase the power of the blank, while not affecting the weight of the rod as a whole. This engineering idea is fully realized in the series of Shimano ASPIRE CX . Rods of this series can be safely attributed to the class of universal, and in the limit the test range to catch lures, crankbaits and jig lures and also posted snap-ins of different types.

Price €179.47
  • Length, cm 300
  • Weight, g 229
  • Test, g 7 - 21
Спиннинг Sabaneev Master Spin 300MH

Sabaneev Master spinning Spin 300MH

Price €23.08
  • Length, cm 300
  • Weight, g 267
  • Test, g 20 - 40
Спиннинг Sabaneev Team Sabaneev MF 300MH

Spinning Sabaneev Team Sabaneev MF 300MH

Price €93.76
  • Length, cm 300
  • Weight, g 166
  • Test, g 10 - 35

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