Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 602L 72324 (72324)

Model: The yo-Zuri Dogm
Code: 1914-6201
Спиннинг TSURIBITO the Dogm 602L 72324


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Main characteristics
Test bait
3 - 10
The number of sections
According to the technique of catching
The type of fishing
The yo-Zuri Dogm
602 L
Description Classic simple Japanese design. Outwardly to its contents – a hard, dry, ultra-fast rod building with excellent sensory. First and foremost, it will be appreciated by fans of jig fishing, and the adherents of oblasnogo twiching. All models are equipped with rings and reel seat FUJI. In developing rods, the main attention was paid to: - Quality – all rods are made on the basis of forms of vysokomodulnogo karbona, are equipped with rings and katushkoderzhatelem from FUJI - Performance: high sensitivity and strength of the forms, the casting distance. Design and ergonomics – all the line is designed in modern Japanese style. - Taste preferences of the end user – the alignment of the rings, build, test ranges. - The economy – the highest quality product, the price of this rod will surprise the end user, and distributor.

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Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 602L 7232472324-
Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 632L 7232572325-
Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 632ML 7232672326-
Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 632UL 7232372323-
Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 702M 7232772327-
Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 732MH 7232872328-
Spinning the yo-Zuri Dogm 802H 7232972329-
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